Doctor's prescription episode 8

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Doctors prescription chapter 8
He awoke a little later with his client still cuddled in his arms. It took him a while to gather his bearings and realize where he was, as he was heavily disoriented from the heavy job he had done. Taking care not to disturb his sleeping companion, he laid her head gently down, and slipped off her , while using his free hand to wipe his eyes.
Standing slowly , he slipped his clothes back on, and walked towards the anteroom. By this time, it was almost twelve noon. His new bride must be waiting for him at home .
He had little desire of going back home to see her , but courtesy demanded that he at least say hello to one who had come from so far to see him.
Well, I will wait for madam to wake up and then collect my pay and go home for the day, he thought to himself .
It was while soliloquizing that he heard a timid but persistent knock on his shut door . Peeping through the key hole, he saw a tantalizing sight before him.
Lady in red was back, but this time she was wearing a blue gown . His mouth watered at the vantage view of her ample breasts the keyhole granted him, and rubbing his arms together , like a kid getting a new toy , he actually salivated a bit as he pushed the door open .
There was so much he wanted to ask her about why she had run off before , but all questions died in his mouth as she forced them down with a kiss .
She tasted of strawberry, and he held her tightly while engaging her mouth on ferocious sucking . She disengaged from him a bit to push them both into the office as she used her feet to shut the door , while resuming her kisses.
They were caught up in the passion of the moment , that they did not notice the door open and standing there in full battle fatigue was a soldier .
“ Yes who are you ” he asked the soldier, ferocious that he had the effrontery to barge in like that .
His partner at that point turned around, and the blood drained from her face when she saw him.
“ Oh my god” she cried “ its my husband”

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