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Over the years I have heard this a lot and I have tried to
understand the situation. The truth is, no lady likes a stereotype
It is so common to find guys getting the monosyllabic response
over instant messages because they always say the wrong things.
Before you attack to bite let me finish.
It is no longer news that we meet more people online today than we meet in person. A Lot of guys call it “forming” for others it’s just “annoying attitude by ladies” but I say, know what to say and
you can get the best out of a conversation.
How would you expect a lady you are chatting with to take you serious when the 1st time u chat her up all you can say is:

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1. Who is dis That’s a no no……
I know you’ll say a lot of ladies do that but it’s a no no for a guy for Christ sake she isn’t going to wanna listen to you. If she’s not giving out her name, don’t take it the hard way. Some ladies prefer
to be anonymous till they feel comfortable so just give it time.
2. Don’t start up a conversation by asking ” what do you do”.
For heaven’s sake, you wanna make friends not a business
3. You only just met her online and you are already asking what
are parents do for a living haba now……
4. If you want her to totally loose interest please ask what her best
food is or her hubby…. menh that’s so 19th century.
5. If you are interested in her beyond friendship please never ask ” what kindda guys she likes”That’s a signal for “complex”
There are lots of reasons ladies pay little or no attention to a guy
the first time they chat but for the sake of a healthy conversation
it’s better to go with the flow. The first conversation should not
always be an interview trust me lots of ladies hate that.
Best form of conversation:
Boy: hey what’s up?
Girl: who are you?
Boy: got your number/ pin from……
Girl: k…. what do you want?
Boy: just wanna be friends if you don’t mind..
Girl: K
Boy: my name is…… how are you doing and how is your day
turning out? hope you are not busy and can chat…
No girl will ever turn down such polite approach as against the
Boy: hi
Girl: hi
Boy: can I meet you?
What do you do for a living?
Where are you based?……


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