Dragon King episode 10

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The dragon king A story written by ademolar

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Episode 10

(city of light)

the north wind  swirl around him and clouds of dead brown leaves  kick up from the ground with a faint small rustling sound that reminded him of roaches scurrying in a cupboard. “I should keep this egg away from myself  because it is brings me nothing than  evil ”  Ajadi thought as he made his way down the forest behind his room, when he got to a certain point he dig a mini wild hole and wrapped the egg with a black cloth, he deeped it into the hole and cover it with his leg.. Few minutes later he got home, he stare at the wrist band within his hand, but all he could do is just to stare because he had tried all his best to remove it from his hand but it doesn’t work.. after few minutes of meditating he resume his sleeping position and he doze off..  The sound of heavy footsteps landing on the wooden floor summoned ajadi back to life as loki’s men arrived with adigun.  He quickly jumped up to see what was going on, but unluckily for him he ran into one of  loki’s men hand.. “And where do you are running to ” the soldier asked But ajadi never made a response, he rushed back trying to escape from the backdoor but the same person  hold him from behind.. “I told you, you can’t run from me ” he said with a sinister  smile on his cheek .. “Let me go,let me go ” ajadi screamed as he battled to get himself out of his hands.. “Listen boy, I will let you go if you give me the stoney egg” “What egg are you talking about? “Ajadi replied “The dragon egg” he explained!  “I don’t know what you are talking about, just let me go” ajadi screamed!  The soldier look a bit confused, but due to the selfish interest he had for getting the whole glory and probably some promotion from loki, he decide to get the egg secretly and later present it to loki with the boy.. the soldier  took him back into his room and he pushed him with full force as ajadi dazzle like a lifeless cloth and he fell smashing his head to the chair.. “Now give me the egg, or I rip-off your head with my sword ” he threatened as he pulled out his sword! “Please don’t hurt me, I will give you the egg” ajadi replied out of fear. “Good boy, now get me the egg” he stretch forth the sword to put more pressure on ajadi.. Ajadi quickly stood up and he head straight to the door. “Where do you think you are going? ” the soldier quarried  “To get the egg”   “Look here boy,don’t try to play any trick with me, cus if you try it. I will rip-off your tiny head with this sword of mine” he said as he dragged ajadi closer to himself  He pushed ajadi out of the room ,as ajadi staggered into the passage. He followed ajadi calmly as he stretched forth his sword in order to sanction any intruder.. as this was going on, someone from behind hit the soldier with a wooden poll which made him fall to the floor lifelessly, the person continue hitting him till he finally give up the ghost..  His hands was filled with blood as he lift up his face.  “Dad!” ajadi screamed.. Alaran took ajadi’s hands and he looked at him with eyes full of tears.. “Ajadi my son, I think now is the right time to tell you the truth, am not your father and you did not belong to the family of the demon hunters, you belong to the royal family of ayetoro, your father is the true king of ayetoro but loki overthrowned  him. Please forgive me for keeping this secret from you for a very long time, I surely did that just to keep you out of thier hands” tears gushed out of Alaran’s face as he conclude the statement.. Ajadi was left in total confusion, all he could do was just to keep mute and watch in perplexity, before he could utter a word, adigun and his men were already close to them.. “Run!” Alaran screamed!  “But what about you, I can’t leave you here all alone “ajadi protested  “Run, don’t worry I will be okay,just go, if those people meet you here, you won’t be able to save your parent” alaran whispered into his ears.. Immediately ajadi dashed out of the scene and hid himself within the leaves.. Few minute later adigun and the soldiers get to alaran.  “Where is the boy?” adigun asked  Alaran who knew there will be no mercy even if he show them the boy replied by hitting one of the soldiers with the wooden pole in his hand, the soldier fell and died immediately, before he could raise another hand, adigun chopped off his hands with his sword, he fell to the ground shaking like a fish out of the water.. adigun dropped from his horse, without much time wasting he ripped alaran’s head out of his body with his sword.. ajadi screamed from where he was.. He pulled himself out of the leaves and tried to attack them, but someone stopped him.. To be continued

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