Dragon King. Episode 14

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The dragon king

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A story written by Ademolar

Episode 14

(journey within the stones)

The first flakes came drifting down as the sun was setting in the west. By nightfall dew was coming down so heavily that the moon rose behind a white curtain, unseen .marvel stood alone outside in the cold busy observing what was best known to him alone..
Ajadi sluggishly walked out of the building and he stood behind him..
“thanks for saving my life ” ajadi announced
“You don’t have to thank me, am equally doing my job “he replied without looking back..

“Back then, I use to see you as a monster who was trying to initiate me into something I don’t like ” Ajadi said as moved closer to him
“But now I finally believe in your words. Am ready to take up the task and save my parent ”
Marvel turned in amusement and he welcomed ajadi’s word with a beautiful grin on his face..
“So when shall we commence the training? ” ajadi asked
“There will be no training from me” he replied
“No training from you ? ” scoffed ajadi! “So why am I here in the first place ”

“Yes ”
“But how can I learn on my own when I don’t have any power of my own, am not a sorcerer,nor a wizard nor a warlord. Do you expect me to start doing stupid things on my own” ajadi screamed at the top of his voice..
“I know, but I won’t be the one to teach you that. Am not made to be a teacher, but only one person can do that”
“And who could that be? Is he a human or a gods like you?”
“When you get to him, you shall know ” marvel paused and started picking his way back in, he halt when he got to the entrance of the building and said to ajadi “get yourself prepared, we shall be on our way first thing tomorrow morning, be ready ” and he walked straight in.
Ajadi stood in the dark alone for few more minutes before he later went in, all his thoughts was based on the odyssey marvel announced to him, he found it difficult to keep them of his mind but few minutes later he fell asleep .

The sound of the birds singing and passing morning greetings to their species brought ajadi back to life, he quickly jumped up and rushed out, he saw marvel getting himself prepared for the journey as he pull bunch of loads on the horse standing before him.
“Are you ready? ” marvel quarries
“Yeah! Am good to go ” he adjust himself and he jumped on his horse as they both rode down the woods.
They rode for some time until they got to a huge forest filled with mountains..

“What do we do with the mountains ” asked ajadi.
But marvel never replied ,he turned his horse and started climbing the mountain behind . He rode in front and ajadi followed. . After a long walk on the mountain , ajadi heard the sound of music – a strange, sad song. It came from somewhere inside the mountain. They keep moving until they got to the top part of the mountain. ‎

Then ajadi made a sound and his eyes closed. Marvel got off his horse fast and ran to the young boy. ‘Wake up! Wake up!’ he shouted. ‘Don’t go to sleep, My lord.
“Am sorry ,but am feeling dizzy ” ajadi replied as he reluctantly opened his eyes..
“Listen to me, and remember why you are here.
Don’t be afraid ,we are almost there”‘ marvel said quietly.
He dragged ajadi back on his feet and they walk straight up to the mountain..

To be continued………….

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