Dragon King. Episode 16

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He loved ajadi and he wanted the boy to remember the Old Code all his life.
After the sword-fighting lesson, Lazar and ajadi sat down. ‘Never turn your back to somebody when you fight, young man! Why can’t you remember that?’ he quarried..
” but no one thought me about that” ajadi replied..

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“Hmmm! OK follow me” he stood up and walked down the mountain, ajadi sluggishly followed him until he finally stopped..
“Sit, close your eyes and listen, observe and feel the air as it passes the message to you” he said as he sat and shut his eyes while he crossed his leg folding him palm together . Ajadi quickly joined him and he followed his instructions.. after waiting for some time, the only message he could hear was the noisy touch of the harsh breeze within his ears..

Ajadi stood up out of annoyance “this is impossible, how can I hear for the air which doesn’t have mouth? If you don’t want to teach me just let me know, instead of playing all dose tricky tricks on me”
“Listen ajadi! The only way you can save your parents is when you believe in yourself, the egg with you can only come back to life if you are willing to make that happen, no one can do that other than you. very soon, you will get along with the message, all you need is to calm your mind and listen ” Lazar explained.

“OK! So what do I do now?”
“Nothing for now, you don’t need loose faith ,keep training, the power lives within you.. very soon you will have to bring the dragon back to life and when it happens, Your powers will be back, now it’s time for you to face your destiny ” Lazar stood up and walked down to the cave

To be continued……….

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