Dragon King episode 18

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 18
(the fire of redemption)
the bird flapped up to the lintel above the door to devour its prize in response to the hard wooden explosion, as the door flipped open. ogidan entered first and his men followed, they saw ajadi standing all alone with his hands wrapped over something more like a huge egg!. Ogiden move closer to him, while he jerked backward like a scared cat..
“Whats that in your hand?” asked ogidan
“Nothing ” ajadi replied
“Give it to me and I promised I won’t hurt you ”
“No! I can’t ” ajadi protest
“OK then, arrest him ” ogidan ordered.
Immediately three of his soldiers step forward and tried to get hold of him, he pulled a wooden chair and threw it towards the soldiers, the three soldiers quickly dodge the attempt and they run a counter attack on him, he threw a wooden stool towards one of them and made his way towards the door.
Ogidan tried to stop him but he smashed the stoney egg on his head, which made him fall on the floor as blood start dripping from his head, with much anger Ogidan stood up and ran after him,they chased him as he made his way out of the cave, he ran down the mountains. Until suddenly one soldier out of nowhere hit a wooden shield to his face, he fall immediately and roll in pain,the two soldier took him and made him kneel until ogidan and the other soldiers got to the scene .
With much anger and the pain he felt from the hit ajadi gave him, he threw a rocky punch which landed successful on ajadi’s nose, ajadi fell to the ground once again as blood rushed out of his nose..
“Take this idiot and tie him to the tree” ogidan screamed
Immediately! They took him and tie him to a tree within the woods..
“Get me a fire” he ordered!.. as one of his soldier came fort with a burning wood, he collect it and step closer to ajadi..
“Now I will show you what I do to kids, who try to be stubborn ” he whispered into ajadi’s ear and he dropped the fire on the gas filled area which ajadi was tied, he made his way backward as the fire consumed ajadi with full speed, they waited until every part of his body was covered by the fire before they gallop away..
The moon ran after them as they rode Into the city from the entrance of the wall. After rodding for few more minutes they got to the palace.. ogidan quickly rushed in to inform loki about what happened.. loki was standing behind his window which pave ways for him to have an eyeful view of ayetoro city. He turned immediately he heard footsteps approaching where he was..
“Good news my lord! The boy is dead” Ogden announced..
“What about the egg?” loki replied
“Here it is my lord ” ogidan stretched for a stoney egg towards him, he quickly grabbed it and head to zico’s chamber for confirmation. On getting there zico was busy starring working on something best known to him, he stopped immediately after loki and ogidan entered his room.
“My lord!What brought you to my room at this hour?” asked zico. But loki replied by dropping the stoney egg on his table..
He took it and starred at it, he observed the egg for a while and he replied
“This is not the real egg! It’s a fake one, how did you get this?” zico asked
“we got it from the boy” replied ogidan
“And where is the boy?”
“His arches flies across the air of the south as we speak ” ogidan announced.
“No! No! The boy is alive, he is not dead, I see him, I see him with a dragon.. he is alive ” zico screamed as he dazzle down from where he was sitting
To be continued

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