Dragon King episode 19

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 19
Before the arrival of ogidan and his men, Lazarus was concious of what was going to happen, he knew what loki and his men can do, he knows loki won’t stop until he get what he want.. he decided to discussed them with ajadi and they both agreed to hide the real egg and present to them the fake one whenever they attack him..
The plan worked well and after ogidan and his men had left the scene..
A great wind overtook the environment, a larger set of fire shoot out of the burning flame as a huge looking black dragon flew out of the fire, carrying ajadi on his back, The fire burned only ajadi’s cloth and the rope ,but not even his hairs was burned. Lazar stood and watched as the dragon took ajadi out of the vicinity into the dark sky filled with smoke, his eyes was red, and his body was red hot like a just baked bread..
“Yes! Yes! Yes! The choosing one is here! ” Lazar screamed!
(Back to the scene)
“So what are we to do now?” loki asked
“You must get the dragon, only the dragon could defeat the boy. If you get the dragon you will get the boy, but if you get the boy, you still have the dragon against your wall” zico announced and resume his previous position, the sign simply means he was done with the discussion..
With much anger loki turned facing ogidan..
“You blood idiot,are you that dumb to the extent of being outsmarted by a boy? “He asked angrily!
“Am sorry my lord” ogidan plead
“Keep the apologies to your lame self, I want you to get me the boy at all cost, else I will replace you with a better person ”
Loki said and dashed out of the room . Ogidan stood there for a while, his eyes became pale and red,while he angrily exit the room ..
Adigun walked out of his room, two soldiers join him as he walked down the hall..
“Take me to adejare” he ordered
“Yes sir” they both replied while they lead him down to the dungeon.. after few minutes of walking they got there and he ordered the prison guards around to take them to adejare, the guards lead the way as the three men followed their lead keenly.. they keep walking until they got to the last room within the prison yard, the guard inserted the key to the room and he twisted it for some number of time till the door was wide opened..
Adigun and the three soldiers entered, but what they saw made Adigun screamed with anger.. they saw adejare laying on the floor, his back was filled with the stretch of lashes he received from the two furious guard, his body was covered with blood and his face was covered with bruises and cuts.. “who did this to him” adigun roared with anger..
“Two of our men was reported seen taking him out of the dungeon few days ago” replied the
“Bring them to me and take him to the physician for treatment ” he said and walking out of the yard .
Few minutes later the two men were brought to him, he look straight into their eyes without saying a word, the two men quickly bow out of fright pleading for forgiveness, but it was too late, the lowest of punishment they could get was for adigun to send them to the descipline room. Without much time wasting adigun pulled his sword from the wall and walk towards them.
“Do you want my forgiveness? ” he asked as he dragged his sword on the stoney floor. The sound of the clash between the floor and the sword filled the whole room like a cloud within the sky..
“Yes my lord! Please forgive us, we promised not to try it again “one of them begged
Adigun stop moving, he raised his sword and said to them
“I will spare one of you , if only either of you two will volunteer to die for the order ”
Before he could complete the statement, one of the two men quickly point at his friend “take him my lord, he is a junior guard ”
Immediately Adigun raised his sword and chopped his head off.. “I hate cowards ” he said!… “and as for you, get yourself out of here before I change my mind” he said and walk out..
To be continued

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