Dragon King episode 2

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 2
(the betrayal)
The sky was filled with  cool night air, sending a mind blowing sound across the top chamber of the palace,   tinuade peeped from the inner part of the window , the moon spread his bright light across the whole city revealing to her the whole blocks and building across the street of ayetoro..
Tinuade looked up at the moon as if it was revealing something to her, but she took her eyes away from it as soon as she good satisfied..

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She closed her window and turned  back to her room ,staring at her late mother’s painting on the wall was her favourite habitual every night .
She thought of the day they brought the news of her mother’s dead, and how she wept her eyes out when she was buried. She pulled the painting close to her heart while hot tears roll down her cold cheek..
Few minutes later she dropped the painting and walked down to the king’s room,
On getting there, the door was left opened.

She quickly tiptoed down to where adejare was and she covered his face with her two palm leaving the king in total confusion of thought..
Adejare : my lovely queen! I know it’s you..( he said with a full confidence )
Tinuade : hmmm! My king is full of wisdom, with wisdom shall you live till you chew colanut  with milk teeth (she threw a faint smile and removed her hands from his face..)
Adejare : where have you been? Your maid told me you left without telling her where you are heading to..
Tinuade : yes! I just want to have some privacy..

Adejare : that’s okay, but you need to be concious of your movements, you know you are a queen.. and you are also pregnant . (he smirked)
Tinuade : ok my lord! I promised not to do so anymore.. (she apologize)
Adejare : come my wife, I have something to show you.. (he stretch forth his palm in request for tinuade’s approval..)

Tinuade quickly followed him as he walked down to the top part of the palace building.. he stopped walking and he pulled Tinuade closer to himself, the whole drama seems unknown to Tinuade, until he brake the silence  ..

“Listen can u hear  it?” said adejare
“Whats that! ” she replied with a confused look
“the message ,‎I can hear  it everywhere
In the wind, in the air, in the light, It was believed that the dead ones communicate to us,
all you have to do is open yourself up, and listen ‎.. follow me my queen”. He said again as he returned to his room..

Tinuade quickly joined him as he lead the way into his   room, he walked for few more metres and he kneel before a huge stony egg, he took it and he stretch it to the queen. “feel it”. He said while tinuade gladly receive it from him..
Tinuade : this is beautiful..(she exclaimed)
But what is this?
Adejare : it’s the dragon egg, it was passed to me by my grandfather .. and according to the prophecy, one day a prince shall rise the dragon and he shall save the world from the hands of evil ones..  please my queen, if anything happens to me please get the dragon and keep it for my baby.

Tinuade : oh! That reminds me, have you consult the mouthpiece of the gods about what the old woman told me?
Adejare : no! Cus it’s nothing to be worried about, the village soldiers are well organised and my brother who is the head of the soldiers is always active and good to go ( he bragged )

Tinuade : I know, but that is not enough, you don’t need to trust people too much..
Adejare ;  Common it’s been almost 9 month now and nothing of Such has happened, you don’t need to believe those beggars who  seek for  avenue to earn from the royal family.
Tinuade : my king am sure she was saying the truth, and with the way I saw her she doesn’t look like one of us .
Adejare : ok  don’t worry my queen, I have already sent him a message about it ,very soon he will reply me(he lie)
Few minutes later they both slept off..

(ogidan at the main entrance of the ayetoro with his soldiers awaiting signal from the spy they sent to observe the village)

Man : my lord! The village is clear, we can attract now.. (he said dropping from his horse)
Ogidan turned and face his soldiers..
“Great warriors of our time, the time we have long been waiting for is here.. tonight, we attach this village, we kill their men, we rape their woman’s and abduct their kids..now we take what belongs to us!!” chhhaaaarrrrrgeee!!!!” ogidan screamed and leads the battle
“Yeeeeeh!! ” the whole soldiers followed him as they start the battle..


To be Continued…

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