Dragon King. Episode 20

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 20
(city of light)
(the boy with the dragon)
The top of the mountain was filled with cloud and air, a huge waterfall located within the eastern part of the mountain filled the whole environment with the drop of water, the mountain was actually covered with green carpet grasses which paint the it with it’s greenish color.
Ajadi stood unclad on a mountain beside a black huge dragon , smoke oozes out of his body like someone who just had an encounter with the fire, (offcus he just did) his eyes were pale and red, the dragon kneel as he move closer to the dragon, he rubbed his left hand over his head while the dragon jarked in acceptance of his touch..
Few minutes later, marvel out of the tiniest of the air appeared ,the sound of his footsteps made ajadi looked back as marvel move closer to them, he carried some clothes within his hands, he took some few steps forward and he threw them to ajadi. “Get that on “he said, he move closer to the dragon, while ajadi was busy putting on the clothes .
“Welcome back my dear Drago ” marvel whispered to the dragon.
“It’s been long my friend, av missed you for long ” he said again.
Ajadi stood mude and watch as he talk to the dragon..
“Stop asking for the impossible, even if you speak from now till next year, I don’t think he understand what you are saying ” ajadi retorted
“You speak out of assumption young man” ajadi was shocked to the bone as the dragon replied him.
“Jezz! So you talk ” ajadi exclaimed!
“Yes he talks ” marvel affirmed
“But I have read alot about dragons, and I confirmed dragons have their own language, why is his different ? ” asked ajadi
“I can’t believe I just saved a little mouthy man, This little man ask loads of questions . Moreover, is this little man known to you? ” the dragon turned and asked marvel
“Watch it, you blacky big eyes dragon ” ajadi warned
“And who are you to tell me that? marvellous who is this little man? ” the dragon asked.
” the great grandson of the dragon lord! He bears the mark of the return king, he is the true dragon king, he brought you back to life ” marvel replied
The dragon looked at his left hand and he saw the wrists band there immediately he bowed his head
“Am sorry my lord, spending hundreds of years within the stone can make one loose his memory, please forgive my temper ” begged the dragon “Apology accepted , but will you tell me about how you started talking like human, because dragons don’t talk ”
“You are right, I was not born like this, I don’t speak like humans, but hundreds of years ago , your great grand father and I went on a great battle against the demons of darkness, but so unfortunately he was shot by one of the demons ,before we could get home he had almost give up the ghost, In order to save his life I sacrifice my world for him, I shared with him my heart and ever since then, he became half a dragon half a human, he became immortal against the fire.. he wasn’t the only one who experienced the change in nature, I also did . My voice changed and I started speaking like human.. that’s all” explained the dragon
“That’s cool” ajadi giggled.
“Do you wish to see your city,? It’s been long ” drago suggested
“Hmmmm “ Before ajadi could say a word, the dragon jerked him to his back with his tail and flew to the sky..
his heart pound a mass of adrenaline through his veins as the dragon took him high up to a place he had never been before … a place where he was able to look down from above the sky and see the world down below his feet, he felt fremd same to bizarre … threading his way through a tunnel laden with suffocating cold … violent glittering of the stars … laired smile of the cold moon … bonded by a web of cold and permeated by the terror …
To be continued

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