Dragon King episode 21

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 21
Suddenly the dragon drop-down from the sky with a great speed nearing the end of world, immediately ajadi felt himself coming back down, like returning from an out-of-body experience, yet still as frantic as ever.. the dragon landed on a tall mountain where ajadi could watch and see clearly the palace, and the beautiful city of ayetoro..
He saw soldiers and guards as they matches around the palace and the city, he stared at the palace for a while until someone walked out of the top room ,he stand within the poll of the top chamber, he looks huge and tall, he has a brawny hair, he wore a red king robe and he has a crown on his forehead..
Ajadi looked at him very well “this must be loki” he said to himself
“but do you think I can conquer those tall and huge soldiers ” he asked drago while he was busy observing..
” offcus you can. you have the dragon by your side and marvel, if you can get enough solders,you surely will “.. replied drago
“But how do I get enough soldiers? ”
“you look for them, you fight and conquer some villages around and their soldiers will be yours”
“Must we kill before we can get enough soldiers? ”
“It’s part of your quest, sometimes we sacrifice to get the best, after that you will have to prove people wrong by accepting some one-on-one duel challenge ”

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“Do you think I can defeat the giants and knights who will request for duel?”
“Why not?, you have the power within yourself, all you need is to try them out. We have some village around who pledge their loyalty to your family, they will surely help you ”
” but how do I prove to them that am the true born of the dragon lord”
“You don’t need to prove it, you already have it, the band within your wrist can only be possessed by a true dragon ”
“Hmm! But will you follow me there?”
“Yes I will, but I won’t follow you to the village, but I will be around watching, you can do it without me. ”
” ok thank you! I want to see my mother.. can we?” ajadi requested
” no not yet! Get yourself prepared and you will see your mother.. for now it’s time to go home..” replied drago
Ajadi climb his back while He lift himself back up to the sky and flew back to the city of light…
Few minutes later, they landed within a forest besides a village called Liles ..
“What are we doing here?” ajadi asked out of confusion
” the quest for justice starts now, you have no much time left, so go ahead into the village and make them follow you… you have to be a man and be brave like your great grand father ” drago explained
” ok! But I don’t know anyone here, how to I make them believe? ” ajadi protest
” why don’t you give yourself a try and stop complaining?… this city is filled with strong people, if you can conquer it, ayetoro will bow at your feet.. ”
“OK! ” he replied out of fear.
“Believe me, nothing will happen to you.. and marvel will be here to guide your movement sooner.. always remember, I am around so nothing will go wrong. But am not assuring you that.. you said you want peaceful dialogue, so I better stay off it..”
“No problem then, I will go on my own”
“Take care of yourself and be careful ” he said as he swing his wings.
“Thank you drago.. ” he threw a faint smile mixed with confusion..
” don’t mention my lord! Am always at your service. I think I should have a rest .. ”
” so where are you heading to for now?”
” don’t worry about me.. am always around” drago replied and flew to the sky
To be continued……..

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