Dragon King. Episode 23

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 23
(unknown enemy)

“What do you want? “. A huge looking man asked as he step out of the knights. his voice fill the whole room as he move closer to ajadi
“Am the son of the dragon ” replied ajadi..
“Son of the dragon? ”
Naharis gave a scornful laugh.
“I say you are a pup. anyone can be the son of the dragon , not a mewling boy. You are no fit for such . When you lick your lips, do you still taste your mother’s milk?” ‎

“Mind your tongue, sir  . You are speaking to a prince of ayetoro.” Ajadi darkened at his words.
“And to his wet boy, I am thinking.” Naharis  brushed his thumbs across his sword hilts and smiled dangerously.
“the king will like to meet the boy” One of the knight whispered to naharis.
” hmmm! Take him to the king ” he ordered as he lead the move..
Immediately they arrest ajadi and walk him down to the king’s place..

After some  few walk  they got to the palace..
“bring him in ” ordered a voice from within the palace. The soldier pushed ajadi in as he staggered into the iron made palace.. he stumbled and fell to the floor kneeling before an old looking man with unkept beard..
“I heard you said you are of the blood of the dragons? ” the man quarried ‎
” yes I am, my lord.. ”

“Hmmm! Look at me boy.. land of the wilds is not a place you just dazzle into and started making up fallacy just to lure yourself out of punishment.. do you get? ” he screamed
“My lord, am saying the obvious truth sir, I dare not deceive you ” ajadi begged
“OK! Chief munir what do you think of this boy?” asked the king..
Munir scowled, as only he could scowl.
” to me, he doesn’t look life one of the dragons,
and moreover who is your father ? ”

” am the only son of king adejare..” replied ajadi
” son of king adejare?… this boy must be a clown, king adejare never had a son, so who are you? ” munir screamed..
” my lord I says nothing but the truth ”
“This boy might truly be the son of the dragon , but I don’t see the strength of a dragon in him, he look weak and tired” Lord darent one of the chief around presumed‎

“I once heard of a story of king adejare missing pregnant queen ” said Reznak mo Reznak the kings right hand chief .
“the son of the dragon  are made up of strength and power , and immortality against fire ” lord darent answered him.
“the son of the dragon are warriors and fifty thousand spears and swords.”  lord munir seconded
“Fifty thousand?, I count three ” mocked reznak

‎“Enough,” king said. ” so what do we do with him?”
” since he claimed to be of the dragon, let’s put him into trail by matching him up against our strongest warrior, let’s see if he will defeat him” reznak suggested ‎
“the family of adejare are close and friendly to me , I will not have him treated with discourtesy.” the king turned down the suggestion
” Reznak, see that this young man is given quarters suitable for a prince, and keep an eye on him, until we decided on his fate ”

‎”Take him away for now. ”  he turned to the ajadi.
“if truly you are of the dragon, I wish you all the best..”
Immediately, two guards step forward and grabbed ajadi‎, they took him out of the palace down to the city. When they got to a junction reznak halt them and he asked the two guards to take ajadi down to the palace prison.. ajadi was shocked to hear this, but his hands were tied.. they took him back to the palace prison and they pushed him in..

To be continued

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