Dragon King. Episode 26

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

Episode 26
(lord of the wilds)

The dewfall was thick like a thin scattering of flakes dancing in the air, while the wind was blowing from the east along the hall as flame covered the length and breadth  of the hall , the entire villagers gathered and try to bring down the fire but all their efforts were baseless ..
Billar, jillar and zillar stood a bit closer to the hall, their mind was filled with doubt and uncertainty as they watched the burning building with arms fold across their chest.

” the night is as cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan used to tell. Do you really think he will survive this? ” Billar asked
“I don’t think so, it’s been hours long now and the boy is yet to step out ” jillar replied
” if truly he is of the dragon, he will survive it ” zillar defend
” how sure are you of this ,you speak as if you have seen something of such before ” billar quarried
“I read alot about dragons and the dragon lords, they are immortal against fire, if possibly ajadi survive this. I have no choice than to serve him till  my last breath ” zillar declared

After few minutes of waiting, a loud cracky sound filled with flame banged on the main entrance of the hall, immediately everyone stepped back to see what was banging on the door,they stood in awe as they shiver in the cold dark night filled with burning flies.
The sound came again, but this time it sound stronger and louder, and again it comes, followed by the last bang which left the burning door unimpeded before everyone..

Quietly unaffected by the heat or burning of the huge fire, ajadi step out of the hall and took some few steps forward, his body was covered with smokes and all his clothes were gone, he stood naked before everyone as a huge dragon from the sky flew over everyone covering the air like a huge tent till it land beside ajadi.
Everyone was scared of this, with immediate effect they all go on their knees and bow to him roaring “all hail the king”

Billar, zillar and jillar slowly walk up to him as he stood alone on the podium with the dragon..
“Drago what keep you so long from coming? ” ajadi whispered
“I was observing ” Drago took a deep breath and he gave a nod .
” what should I do with this people? ”
“They are now yours, you are now their king. long live the king ” Drago replied.
Ajadi counted some step forward as Billar quickly covered him with a thick robe..

He took a deep breath and lift his left hand
“Lovely people of wild. Today I lay an end to What we exult grieve upon, . Why do we joined the crocodilians In shedding the blood of innocents ?, they took our land, our home and our wives. Regardless of how we feel. As if that is not enough, they took our friends and family. ” he paused and took a deep breath!

“Your father…. Your father Your father I repeat Never prefer a dovish circle Rather, he would announced his hawkishness. Never wanted a pacifistic human assemblage Rather, he would always show off his martial bone. Your father, your father The worst among the best.. but from now onward, I grant each and everyone of you your freedom.. and there will be no slave trade within this village..”

Everyone roared in acceptance of his speech and they cheered him as the new lord of the wilds.

To be continued

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