Dragon King episode 27

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 27
(fire in Ayetoro )

Three soldiers entered into the palace of ayetoro, one of them which was older knelt before loki and zico as he announced a news which sound like a death message to them.
“My lord! Report reaching us from wilds claimed that all the lords of the wilds had been killed in a fire out brake ”
“What!!!! How did that happened? ” zico asked
“According to report.. A boy claimed to be invincible against fire set them ablaze and he had took over the entire village of the wilds, he is now their new king “replied the old man

“Do you by any means know who he could be?” loki asked
“They said he is the lord of the dragons ”
“Lord of the dragon.. hmmmm! It’s the boy” zico suggest
“You can take your leave now, get your men prepared and call off all the soldiers from wild” loki ordered
“My lord! We need  to stop this boy, he is getting out of control “zico warned
“Yes I know, what do you suggest? ”
“We all know what he want, he is not after the throne but all he want is his parents, that how we will get him ”

“Hmmm! So we trap him with his parent right? ” loki asked
“His father, the boy is yet to meet his father , so he knows nothing about him .we will trick adejare and asked him to help us get the boy.. we will promise him his freedom if he can help us get him.”
” are you sure it will work? ”
” Since he doesn’t know his son, it will  And after that we lay ambush on him”
“Well-done, you think like a warrior.. so how do we invite him?..”
” we will send him a message through a raven ”
“Will he come? ”

” if he love his parent he will surely come”
“OK get the plan ready as soon as possible, we don’t have much time ”
After the conversation zico exit the palace ,he wrote a letter  and place it on a raven ,he whisper some few words to the raven and he threw the raven up into the sky.

(few hours later in wild village)

The raven flew across the palace for what seems to last for a long time until it landed on a wooden roof, he took some few steps and it make some noise which attracts the attention of ajadi.. he stood from his bed and walk straight to the bird, he grabbed it and pull the white paper from it, after reading, he wrote another short letter and tie it to the raven which flew back to ayetoro. He stood up and stepped out of his roomm

The sky was a merciless blue, without a wisp of cloud in sight. The bricks will soon be baking in the sun, thought ajadi . Down on the sands, the farmers  will feel the heat through the soles of their sandals. Jiller  slipped ajadi’s silk robe from his shoulders and billar helped him climb the mountain beside a long stream. The light of the rising sun shimmered on the water, broken by the shadow of the persimmon tree.

“Even if the pits must open, must my lord go yourself?” asked billar  as he threw another stone at the river .
“I understood, but this is about my parent, if I don’t go, they will kill them” ajadi replied
“my lord , I don’t think that will be a nice idea, we all know what loki is capable of,” said zillar
“i know, but we also will be ready for their tricks, we have the dragon and lots of soldiers on our side ”

he is not wrong,  ajadi knew, but it makes no matter. Ajadi jumped from the mountain and he dazzled into the river, he bath and wash himself  as clean as he was ever going to be. he pushed himself to his feet, splashing softly. Water ran down his legs and beaded on his  chest.
The sun was climbing up the sky, and his farmers  would soon be returning from farm. he would rather have drifted in the fragrant pool all day, eating iced fruit off silver trays and dreaming of a house with a red door, but a king belongs to his people, not to himself.

To be continued

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