Dragon King episode 28

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 28
(Blood and sand)

The  dungeon  was old. Moss grew thick between its ancient stones, spiderwebbing up its walls like the veins in a crone’s legs. Two huge towers flanked the dungeon’s  main gate, and smaller ones defended every angle of its walls. All were square. Drum towers and half-moons held up better against catapults, since thrown stones were more apt to deflect off a curved wall, but ayetoro predated that particular bit of builder’s wisdom.

Two guard flipped into the passage of the  with burning  wood within their hands as they began to pick their way towards adejare’s cell, few seconds later the guards where infront of the huge wooden door, one of the guard which held the higher rank inserted the key into the hole, the cracky  sound summoned adejare back to life as he was still asleep. Who could that be?. He thought, but before he could realize what was going on, the great door was flpped open before him.

He lift himself up and stood on his feet as the two guard entered into the room..
“Old man, The king wish to see you ” ‎ one of them said to him and they grab hold of him, they walk him out of the room.
Loki was standing beside zico in hidden room located at the main entrance of the dungeon, both of them stood in quietness as they watch the two guards dragging adejare out in the dark. It’s been almost 20 year since loki and adejare had seen eachother. They both had changed in looks and in attitude .

They took some few march forward till they got to them..
“Untie him ” loki’s voice were so soft that the two guards could hardly hear him, but the gesture he made with his hands passed the message better..
Immediately, the two guards untied him and they exit the room as loki waved to pass another message to them.
“Dear brother! The last time we stood together like this was filled with blood and sand, but this time. I have decide to give you a third chance. ”

loki try to pave his way into adejare’s kind heart before he will ask for his help, but adejare stood mute and watch everything like a play.
“So this is what you will do. We need you to help us get one enemy, he is planning to destroy the city you suffered alot to build.. please do us this favor.. if you can, I guarantee you your freedom and the chance to see your family once again ”
Adejare is a man with soft and kind heart he forgives and forget within a blink of an eye, immediately he goes down on his knee, he pull out his ring finger  and wrote on the floor “Let’s Go get the beast ”

Loki With a devilish grin on his face he looked at zico and they both smiled at themselves.
“Adejare is really a great man.. ” zico confessed.
The three guards appeared again, and they took him out of the dungeon down to the palace, they wash him , changed his cloth and they shaved his long beard.
The next morning was the battle day loki entered with his men as they saw adejare standing all alone besides the window edge of his room.

“Dear brother! The time has come”  loki announced before him as he turned and observed everyone in the room
” You and I have had our differences, brother , but for the blood we share and the love you bore this kingdom , for ayetoro’s sake and the sake of its poor citizens , please do as you promised! ” loki begged.
Three soldiers enter and they kneel before loki..
“My lord! Men are set, and horses where ready to take charge ”

“Good! Go to lord zico and tell him the time has come” loki ordered!

To be continued

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