Dragon King episode 32

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The dragon king
A story written by ademolar

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Episode 32
(fist at ayetoro)

The gods of ayetoro have unleashed their wroth on ajadi ” loki  announced come morning as men gathered in ayetoro Great Hall to break their fast.
“He is a stranger here, and the old gods will not suffer him to live.”
His men roared their approval, banging their fists on the long plank tables That was well stocked with food and drink; they had fires to warm them when off duty, a place to dry their clothes, snug corners to lie down and sleep.

“All thanks to my men and my right hand ogidan ” he raised his wine filled cup in appreciation to ogidan. All the soldiers clapped and cheer him as he gladly took a bow and resume his seat.
“We might  just won the battle, but the war is still undecided as far as the dragon still exist. Great men of ayetoro, we still have a long way to go. But all the same, let’s fist..”
Everyone roared with joy as they gladly fill their cup with wine and other their mouth with meat and fruits.

Tinuade stood beside her window, she watched them as they were busy enjoying themselves with laughter and joy, she felt something strange was going on but that she didn’t know, she move closer to the door and watch one of the palace maid passing bye.
“Please what is the fist at the city hall all about? ” tinuade asked
“King loki has just defeated his strongest enemy called dragon lord and that’s why” replied the lady
“How is that possible? ”

“they said he trapped him with his father and they successfully defeat him”  explained  the maid as she smile and walked pass her.
Tinuade collapsed to the floor immediately, tears gushed out of her eyes like a pap bore water.
“No! No this can’t be. It’s not true ” she scream. Two guard standing before her door entrance quickly rushed in, they both help her up.
“My lady, I understand how you feel, but no amount of tears could bring him back” one of the guards said to her

” in every battle between evil and good , one thing is for sure,  the truth will surely win over the evil” the second guard said to her and he walked out of her room.‎
Loki walked out of the hall, he was accompanied by zico the great wizard. Different thoughts dazzle within his mind as they both walk down the palace corridor..
“My mind is still unrest because the dragon is still alive, who knows.. the monster might one day fly down to the palace with mouth filled with fire..” loki announced

“I don’t think so my lord, the dragon might be powerful, but he can’t fight who he doesn’t know.. I believe this is our chance to make the dragon ours ” zico replied
“But how is that possible ?”
“It’s very possible, since ajadi is Gone!.. the dragon belongs to no one, we will convert his soul with dark magic and am very sure it will work”
“OK do anything possible just to make that happen ” loki ordered as he took the left road which lead to his room.

(city of lilliput)

He woke with a raven pecking at his chest. “Ajadi” the bird cried. He swatted at it. The raven shrieked its displeasure and flapped up to a bedpost to glare down balefully at him through the predawn gloom. The day had come. He  remembered to have died in few hours back , but what brought him back to life he couldn’t say‎. He   attempted to rise as It happened to fell on his back, he found his arms and legs were strongly fastened on each side to the ground; and his hair, which was long and thick, tied down in the same manner.

To be continued

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