Dragon King episode 35

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 35
(the summon)

In his dream he saw a great dragon flying over the pyramid of ayetoro, at first the person sitting on it was not visible until the dragon was a bit closer, he screamed out of fear as he saw ajadi who they thought they had killed flying the dragon yet again he stood up and washed his face with water, and he put on his robe
Zico rushed down to the palace  to report the vision he had to loki..
When he got to the palace square he saw loki  drinking yellow wine and watching naked slaves kill one another with bare hands and filed teeth.

“my lord we need to talk about something very important “ zico whispered to his left ear
“Tell me am listening ” loki replied
“It’s a private message sir ”
Loki tossed his wine up and ordered everyone to exit the room immediately, after they had left, he turned facing zico.
“Now tell me what the message is all about ”
“My lord! I saw the boy again, but this time he looks stronger and more deadly ”zico announced

” you must be kidding, the boy is dead and gone, gone are the days when we heard about dead people’s tales “loki said buoyantly
“My lord! The gods can’t reveal a wrong message to me, the boy is still alive ”
“Are you kidding me? .. I saw him dead with my two eyes ”
“He might resurrect , we need to find his corpse and burn it”‎
“But how do we get the corpse? It’s been two days now ”

“We  summon the spirit of the dark raven, it will help us get his location ”
“OK then, do that immediately and we will send our men to get his body as quickly as possible ”
Zico exit the hall immediately, he took a blue ointment and drop some in an empty bowl, he took another one which was red and he mixed them together in the same bowl, bluish fire blow out of the bowl and he continue with some chanting..

Few seconds later a dark raven appeared from the bowl, he stared at it for a while and he saw naked ajadi’s body placed on a long table , he also saw marvel and Lazar performing some kind of ritual on his body, immediately the vision become blurry and the raven disappeared..
He stood up and wash his hand, he head straight to loki’s room on getting there he saw  loki and ogidan  standing beside the window, watching the whole city under their  foot.
“My lord! The boy’s body is at the mountain ” Zico announced

“Our men will go get him tomorrow morning, keep calm all will be well ” ogidan replied still facing the window ‎
“When zico the wizard  tells you to run, a wise man laces up his boots. We should get our men going immediately ” Just the mention turned ogidan’s cheeks green.
“But our men just got back from the battle field, it won’t be a nice idea if they should head for another battle ” he said ‎

‎.” “I don’t care how they feel, so long as they deliver me the boy’s body ,” said loki.
“ok!I will summon my men , and we will move as soon as possible..  .” ogidan replied.
“they won’t have that much stress to handle. I’ll wager you get a peaceful raiding ” zico assured
” if not so Rags can have the butcher  cut your liver out and fry it up with onions. ” ogidan said and walked out the room

To be continued

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