Dragon King episode 36

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 36
(knowing the monster)

The ghost hour of the night blinks behind ajadi, as he was tied to the longest building all alone within the city which seems to be of his length. Few hours later he felt a cold touch from behind. Immediately he turned his head towards the direction and he saw a lady standing beside his left ear on the tower.
“Hey! What are you doing here all alone ” ajadi whispered
“I came to Check out on you ” replied the lady
“Don’t you think it’s  too dangerous for a lady to be out here all alone at this hour? ”

“Don’t worry, am okay ” she replied with confidence written all over her face
Ajadi noticed she seems not to be scared of who or what he is, he stared at her for a while, he could perceive the sweet fragrance  of expensive perfume on her and she look like someone from a wealthy or royal family.
“Ok! May I know the purpose of your visit and who you are? ” ajadi asked
“The day your body was found besides the sea shore, I was the first person to see you and I immediately report to the soldiers around. At first It seems like a dream which later become reality. My name is princess Teresa the only daughter of the king”

“Hmm! Okay Teresa, you haven’t tell me your purpose of visit ”
” I actually came here to make friend with you ”
“A friend?.. every a person within this city is scared of staying 100 metre close to me, but here you are standing besides my ear with full courage. I think you should go now, we can’t be friends.. am a different creature with different size, we share alot of difference  and mostly your father won’t approve this ”

“I won’t let him know, right from the moment you were brought into the city, I have no fear for you. Please just make me your friend, I may be of help to you ”
“OK! I will accept on one condition,and it’s if only  you will help me out of this situation  ”
“No problem about that inasmuch as you allow me to be your friend ”
“OK then, let’s assume we have a deal, so what do you which to know about me?”

“Some people said, you live under the great sea, while some people says you are from the creator above. Please tell me which one of this words is the truth ” she plead
“None of them” ajadi replied immediately after she conclude her question
“So where are you from? And why was your body covered with different cuts filled with blood?”she asked with a touch of confusion on her face

“I actually got those cuts from a war, I was trapped by my uncle who is a king, he had  my parent in his captivity for years, on that very day, he promised to have a fair negotiation with me if only I won’t come with my dragon ” she cut in
“People from your world  have dragon? ” she looks a bit surprised
“Yes, we do, dragon in my own world is ten times bigger than a man, they are capable of breathing fire and they are strong and  powerful in nature ”

“Wow! ten times bigger than a man?.. I can’t imagine how huge its  gonna look like. But where is the dragon now?”
“I probably don’t know. Our last encounter  was when he dropped me in a ship which was overturned by a magical power, the ship got crashed and everyone on board were no where to be found. But as fortune commands me! I found myself tied to the ground in an unknown land of the liliputes ”
” so do you have a plan of returning to your home?”
“Yes I do, but I don’t know how to carry them out ”

“Do you want me to help you? ” she asked
“That’s not possible! ” ajadi say with doubtful thought
“Every a blood of the royal family in this land of ours, do have a magical lecture, never judge with what you see alone. I may be capable of doing much more than you can imagine ”
” ok help me if you can, I need to go back home”
“Not so fast, I will help you on one condition. ”
“Whats that?..”

To be continued

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