Dragon king episode 40

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 40
(the land of the lilliput)

Half the city charred him the a savior sent by the gods, he was entertained with enough food and water which lead to a big celebration party. This continues for several hours until the cloud began to change.
“It’s going to rain very soon” the lady sitting on his shoulder screamed to his ear.
“I know, now I think it’s time  to fulfill your part of the deal. I have done mine and now it’s your turn ” ajadi whispered .
She stared at him for a while and she quietly pick her way down his shoulder..

In few second time she had move out of the scene and ajadi was left alone amidst of others, he waited for a while and it seems she won’t be returning any moment sooner.

(down in the king’s quarter)

“My lord! Don’t you think it’s getting more dangerous as we keep that monster amidst us” harzo who is one of the council elders  suggest as he move his hand in a defiant gesture to defend his point..
“But he just save our city from the hands of our enemies  ” one of them cried.. his name was harghaz, he looks a bit younger than harzo.
” what does it matter? What if he come back asking for our heads. Will you be able to stop him?” harzo challenged with harsh and sweet voice trying to vindicate his point.

“My lord! If you still love your family and this city, I suggest we eleminate him before it’s too late ” harzo took a bow and resume his sit.
“My lord! I don’t think it’s a good idea to kill the innocent creature, we have seen all the goods he had done to this city and he had never for once try to attack us”
“What if he did, will you be able to stop him?” the king cut in before harghaz could conclude his words.
“But he is our hero” harghaz protest
“He was no hero, all he did was get his arse roasted black and crisy ” harzo challenged

“Would I have the courage to face that monster with nothing but a spear? He is a hundred time stronger than our strongest men, do you want him to enslave us all? is that what you mean.?” Hoff one of the elders who look big and fat cried
Hoff put a hand on harghaz’s shoulder.
“Even if he pretends to be good, he might still attack us, and the only way we can stop this, is to kill him when we have the chance .Not when he come hunting us all,” suggested the big man.

“As far as I am concerned! The presence of that monster is highly dangerous to everyone of us.. get enough men and slay him as soon as possible ” the king ordered .
They do not see the good deeds ajadi has done for the city, all they want is to clear him out as soon as possible . They had lost sight of his true purpose amidst them. Evil walks through them,  not to them.
As all this conversation was going on, the lady was peeping from the outward part of the quarter, she heard all they were saying and immediately she rushed back to ajadi

Ajadi spotted her coming towards his direction but with the way she was waving at him, he knew something is wrong, but he can’t fathom that within himself. The lady rushed to where ajadi was and she screamed
” run they are coming for you ” at first ajadi didn’t understand what she meant until she got to where he was..

“Please run now, they are planning to kill you ” she confessed
“Why? And for what?”
“This is not the right time to explain, I will explain everything to you later ” she replied.
” I don’t understand what you are trying to say, please I need you to explain them to me ”
“Please just listen, go now, you won’t need the reason ” she begged
“Please explain to me what’s going on”

“When I left for the portion, I overheard my father discussing with his men on how to execute you. One of them suggest they spare you and they reject it claiming it might be too dangerous for everyone  . They all suggest they lay ambush on you and kill you as quickly as possible ”
They are coming for you

To be continued

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