Dragon King episode 43

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar

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Episode 43

“Is there something bothering you and you are scared of sharing it with anyone of us?” zillar voice summoned ajadi’s thought back to life, he quickly turn facing him as he stood a bit far from where ajadi was. He kept mute for a while until zillar move closer to him and he sat beside him.
‘‘I know why you are here.” ajadi whispered
“Yes! For a brief discussion, you should have let us interrogate ogidan before you take such harsh decision, he is loki’s right hand, he knows most of his secret.. maybe we may have used him in getting your mum back  ” zillar replied

“Yea I understand! But am not ready to loose any man for now, no man is worth shedding blood for. ”
“So what are your plans to get back your dragon? Time await no one”
“I have the dragon blood in me, you know that. I can trace my lineage back—” ‎
“Listen ajadi, I know it’s not an easy thing to visit the underworld and return without any experience.. but whenever you feel it’s time to share the experience with anyone, we are ready to listen and we are always at your service ” he took a bow and walk away..

(city of ayetoro)‎

The sky rumbles with cold air sending a harsh message towards their body as they rode with great speed descending towards the huge irony gate which sit before them. In few minutes time the gate was widely opened to grant them free passage, they head straight to the palace and the two men rushed in with fear .
On getting in the two palace guard blocked them from entering .
“Where are here to see lord loki ” the first man who look twice older than his second, announced!

“Sorry lord loki and his top officials are  busy for now, you can check back on them later ” one of the guards replied
“Are you blind! Can you see we are knights of this great city? ” the younger one screamed
“Well said ser knight, but you can’t enter for now, now take your leave or we show you the way out” the second guard threatened
“You dare threatened a knight of this city?” the older one quickly remove his sword stretching it towards them while the guards reciprocate the act immediately.

loki sight them for afar and he quickly wave his guards to let them in,immediately the two men were allowed to walk in.
“Can anyone of you explain what is going on to me?” loki asked
Immediately the two men fell on their knees and they threw ogidan’s wrapped head on the floor..
“My lord! Ajadi is not dead, he is alive! He killed lord ogidan and he asked us to bring his head to you. ” the younger one announced

“He also asked us to inform you that he is back and the next time you will see him will be your last day on earth ” the older one calmly added
Immediately loki’s eyes become pale and red he stood up with great anger and he move towards the window, zico also stood up he stare at the lifeless head of ogidan with pity..
“Take your leave now and get ready for a greater battle.. and you (he point at the oldest one) take the head to my room”
but he utter no word.

“What do we do? ” zico calmly asked
“We get ready to face him. Summon the next person in command and inform him to get his soldiers prepared, get me his mother also, if that is what he want then we send his mother’s corpse to him” loki replied and walk away

To be continued

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