Dragon King episode 45

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar 

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Episode 45

(the land of the wilds)

He sat alone on his bed busy staring at something best known to him, a cool wind filled the room and an old lady with white hair appeared ..
This almost made ajadi jump up from his sitting point,but the old lady announced herself as a peaceful visitor.
“Am Lydia! The goddess of air, I gave the news of your coming to your mother, I help her deliver you, and I told her everything about you ” those words made ajadi resume his sitting point immediately.

“For how long are you going to stay like this without doing something ?” Lydia  announced as she‎ took a few step closer to ajadi .
“What are you talking about? ”
“Stop pretending as if you don’t understand what am trying to say.. few days ago, you were lying lifelessly on that bench. But here you are now, hale and healthy, do you think you are being brought back to life just to stay and do nothing? ” Lydia  said with  a cold voice

“You need to do something, loki will be here for you any moment from now, your dragon is nowhere to be found and you refused to do nothing about it. ”
“Am trying to do something , but am confused I don’t know what next to do ” ajadi replied with a bit harsh tune
“Offcus there is always something to do,  get ready for a greater battle. I mean the final battle, this time there won’t be any going back, this time you  take what finally belongs to you , this time you take back your father’s kingdom ”

“But how do I do that? Loki grows stronger and powerful everyday ” ajadi cut in
“You still have few journey to embark on before you can defeat loki, you will need the box of corel and it lies within a carve located at the eastern region of this island, within the carve there is a powerful beast called argorh, argorh has no eyes, but his ears is twice as sharp as your eyes, the beast is the guider of the box if you can get it, loki will be defeated ” she explained!

“That’s somehow deadly” ajadi announced with fear
“It takes wisdom and calmness to defeat argorh, only one person has gone and return from argorh’s cave, garris! he is a hunter, you will need him in your journey if you really want to defeat argorh ”
“But where can I get the hunter ?” ajadi asked
“He stays some few miles away from the cave, seek him before sunset, you are running out of time” she warned
“OK! Thanks Lydia ” before he could complete his words Lydia had already disappeared from the room

Ajadi filled a glass cup with tonic wine, he walk towards the window and he filled his mouth with some drop of it. He dropped the cup and head down to his men, he saw them snoring with their hands wrapped across their swords.
“Wake up everyone ” he hit the door with his sword which filled the whole room with a loud noise. Everyone jumped up with fear aftermath .
“My lord! What is going on?” zillar asked in a sleepy voice

“We have a revelation from Lydia the goddess of air, to defeat loki, we will need the box of corel which lies in a cave guided by a beast called argorh” silence graced the entire room as he deliver the message, when he noticed that no one is responding, he proceed with his announcement.
“Argorh is a blind beast, but his ears are sharp, to defeat argorh! We will need the help of garris, the only one who has survived argorh’s fist, and we have to move before sunset, we have no time on this ” he warned

To be continued

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