Dragon King episode 47

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 47
(the escape)
The three illars sluggishly stepped forward standing besides Lazar.
“I did not fight beside you on the battle field and I will regret that till my dying day.. From now till I die I swear my loyalty to ajadi the true king of ayetoro ” zillar took a bow and step forward
“A man can only admit his fault when he was wrong and ask for forgiveness please forgive me my lord ” billar begged
“there is nothing to forgive sir billar ” Ajadi replied
“there will be more battle to come my lord, from now till I die I will fight beside the true king of ayetoro the dragon king and the god of fire ” billar roared
“my lord will there be flesh to roast like chicken after we slay the blind monster ? ” jillar asked
“sure there will ” ajadi answered
“when are we moving? ”
“we follow the morning moon first Thing tomorrow morning ” ajadi replied
“am in my lord ” jillar declared..
They all departed from the room to their different place of abode.
Tinuade forced her way out of the dark forest while she began to pick her way down to an unknown end, she was tired and exhausted, the touch of moonlight snow had made her darkly made hair gone white, but all this will never stop her, she pull a long but tiny wood from the ground and she began to clear the way with it.
This continues for some time until Three men were sighted, they all sat around a burning woods trying to sanction the power of the cold weather .
The three men rise with their palm wrapped around their swords When they saw tinuade.
“hey! What are you?.. ” the oldest one asked.
“a monster or a witch? ” the second man who was a bit younger with unkempt beards added
“speak now or we send you back to underworld where you come from ” the chubby man among them threatened.
“am a human I mean and I mean no harm, my son is the dragon king, please help me ” she begged as the three men move closer to her
“be wary of that woman, they are known to be as sly as a fox” one of them whispered to the oldest man among them
To be continued

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