Dragon King episode 48

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 48
The cold wind rumbled with their robe as they move closer to tinuade, the fattest One among them stared at her for a while as if he wants to remove something from her eyes.
“see who we got here!. It’s the queen” he screamed to the others
“what queen is she That walk alone in the dark forest at this hour of the ghost ” the oldest one among them queried
“just shut up am come see her yourself ” the chubby man replied with anger
He knelt before tinuade and he calmly drop his sword before her
“my lady, don’t you remember me anymore? ” he asked
“sorry I didn’t.. ” replied tinuade
“am festuz, one of your guard ,that is Leonard and Cohen the wise one” he explained
“look at her ,it’s truly the queen ” Cohen admitted
“what’s she doing here? “Leonard asked as he lift the burning wood in his hand to have a clear view of her.
“my lady!!” he screamed! And bow immediately
“what do you seek in this evil forest at this hour ” festuz asked
” please rise! Since my husband has been overthrowned, I have been arrested by lord Loki, who kept me away from my son for a very long time ” she explained
“is your son the dragon king? “cohen asked
“yes he is”
” his kingdom is miles away from this forest ,If you won’t mind we can take you to him” Leonard added
“yes! Please take me to him “she begged..
“OK my lady, let me speak with my men” replied Leonard
They took a few walk away from her and they began to discuss
“I think she is gonna be a good sell to lord Loki, if we return her to him we will be rich” Leonard whispered
“sure, but why lord Loki? We have lots of salvagers who will pay huge for her” Cohen added
“yes sure! Let’s take her to the closest one around, at least we can feed ourselves with the money “festuz suggested
The three men quickly arranged their bags and they lead her down the forest .
After covering some miles they finally got to the main entrance of a village filled with savages, two ill dressed men with unkempt hair and beards lead them down to where their leader was
but they were halt immediately they got to the entrance of the room
“wait here while I inform my lord.. But don’t try anything funny” the first guard entered after he concluded his words
To be continued

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