Dragon King episode 50

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 50
(mark of the gods)
The heat within the palace was unable to subdue the high level of the cold weather rumbling outside , as tinuade began to shiver and whimper like a puppy who was just brought out of water.
“drop off your hands!!! ” lord bujaja screaming
She fearfully dropped her hands off her body. immediately lord bujaja noticed a mark on her abdomen .
“what’s this mark doing on your body? “he screamed pointing to tinuade’s belly
” what’s this mark doing on her body ” he asked facing the three men who brought her to him.
“we don’t know my lord” Festuz fearfully replied
“yes we don’t! ” Cohen added
“she might have done that by herself “Leonard suggested
“are you guys stupid?..
Do I look like a blind beggar to you all? ” his eyes become red as he angrily asked the three men.
“No my lord! We dare not think of such. ” Cohen fearfully replied on his knees
“oh! I see, you think am a fool right? ” asked bujaja
“never my lord! Please we don’t understand what is going on “festuz replied
“are you trying to fool around with me? En?…now you all take a look at this mark, it’s a mark being given to a queen of ayetoro and only the queen can have the mark.. Those three fools went ahead to kidnap the dragon king’s mother and they intend to sell her to me as slave.. ” lord bujaja explained
“no my lord!. She is not a queen, she is just a w—e and we found her in the middle of the dark forest.. Please my lord” Leonard begged
“you owe me no explanation, keep your explanation for the dragon king.. Now get her dressed ,take care of her.. Arrest and strip dose traitors off their clothes, we are visiting the dragon king first thing tomorrow morning ” he ordered and he walked out of his palace .
Immediately his men did as he ordered, they took tinuade to a room and the other men into a prison yard.
Few hours later in the night lord bujaja calmly entered tinuade’s room when she was busy staring at the outside part of the village from her window .
“my queen ” she turned to have a look at lord bujaja as he calmly stood beside her.
“am sorry to have treated you like a slave, I was deceived by those men, please forgive me” he begged
“rise up my lord, you did nothing.. Thanks for saving my life “she said as a lovely smile blew out of her chin
“don’t mention my lady. You should go to sleep now, tomorrow we will take you to your son .goodnight ” he said and walked out of her room
To be continued

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