Dragon King episode 52

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Episode 52
(the unknown visit)
Horses and dogs and chariots rumbled across the field, ,five men on horse took the lead as three ill looking and exhausted men were tied to three of their horses, they were followed by two chariot fully dressed in a royal way.
Lord bujaja flipped opened the curtain from the chariot window and he observed the approaching environment and he waved to two of his men, one in front of his chariot while the other was behind them.
“call me the commander ” he said as two men fully dressed on armour suit rode to invite the commander .in few seconds the commander appeared to the scene.
“how long will it take us before we get to the land of the wilds? ”
“we have few more metres to cover my lord, land of the wilds sit behind that mountain “he said pointing to a huge mountain before them.
“OK keep riding ” he said and he resumed back to his chariot .
After covering some few miles on foot, Leonard the weakest among the three men fell to the ground ,sand and dust jumped over him as the horse unknowingly dragged him for a few milli metres before it halted.
“you want water? “the man sitting on the horse he was tied to screamed from the top, as Leonard took a node to his question.
“hahahaha” he dropped some water to the dry sand and he mockingly say to him “feed yourself with that.. You silly imp .. Get up!!! ” he screamed as he landed few lashes on his back.
They rode for few hours until they got to the main entrance of wild city. Few entrance guards gazed at them from the top entrance of the city with arrows and spare in their hands.
“who do you seek?” billar who was the head of night watch screamed from the top as lord bujaja make his way forward.
“we are here to visit the dragon king ” the commander replied immediately
“who are they? ” he asked by indicating them with his spear.
“a gift for my king ” lord bujaja replied at the top of his voice immediately he appeared to the scene.
Billar stared at them for a while and he raised his hand, signaling to his mate to open the gate.
To be continued

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