Dragon King episode 54

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 53
{unknown visit }
They peacefully rode into the city one after the other as Billar quickly rushed down from the top
“my name is billar and I am the head of the night watch, welcome to our city.. I shall lead you to the dragon king ” he said in a horse tone
“am Lord bujaja, the Lord of the matu-matu kingdom of the savages.. I have a present for my king ” he said as he walked down to the chariot.
He pulled the door opened and queen tinuade stepped out of it.
“here we go ” lord bujaja announced while he make way for tinuade as she stepped out of the chariot
“my lady!! ” billar quickly rushed to her.
“billar! ” she was actually surprised to see billar the palace savant on armour suit.
“follow me, I will take you to my king “he announced as he lead the way
As They walk pass some myriad of building billar show them different kind of beautiful and luxurious things until they got to the largest and tallest one.
“that’s the king’s building, your son stays here” billar said with smile as he propelled the two giant door opened .
When they walked in, ajadi was sitting on the throne with his men when he spot them coming towards him.
“mother!!! ” he jumped up from his throne and he rushed towards them and he gave her a warm hug .
“lord billar what’s going on? How did you get my mother out of Loki’s hand without a stress? ” ajadi asked In a bit cold tone
“my lord! I worth not the gratitude, but those men standing beside me… I think they will explain better “billar said pointing to Lord bujaja
“this face looks familiar… Do I know you? ” ajadi asked facing bujaja.
“yes my lord!.. Yes you do. I am the man you saved from the hands of the night wolf… Am bujaja ” he explained
“yes! Yes!! Yes!!!.. So tell me how it all happened ”
Lord bujaja explained everything to him and he thanked him for his kindness.
Immediately ajadi ordered the arrest of the three men .
“you all came in the right hour, I am about to take my breakfast.. So if you won’t mind.. You all can join me” he said as he walked down to his dinning table
” I don’t know how to thank you for this you have done. But I promised, call on me anytime you need my help and I will surely grant it.. Prepare them a room, they will spend the night here with us” he assured as he tossed them a wine
“thank you my king. Thank you very much. But what are you going to do with the three traitors? “bujaja asked with mouth full of wine
“if they prove to be useful, I will let them live, but if they don’t. I will let the dragon decide their fates ” he replied with a sinister smile
To be continued

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