Dragon King episode 55

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 55
(the Odyssey)
They All gathered before ajadi’s palace , different men fully dressed on armour suit and robe stood Side by side as different discussion colonized the atmosphere .silence graced the room as ajadi walk in to his throne, they all stood mute waiting for his speech, but it didn’t last too long before ajadi break the silence
“selected warriors of the wilds.. Tonight we face an eyeless monster sitting on our only chance of defeating our greatest enemy.. Loki”
“yeah! ” someone roared with a deep voice from the crowd
“we need to be fully prepared and determined.. We need strong team. hard work and oneness, we need love and harmony before we can defeat this monster… ”
“I believe we are all fully prepared for the quest.”
“yeahhhh! ” everyone roared
“Tonight is going to be our night.. Together we conquer the world!! ”
“together we conquer the world “they repeat it simultaneously with a thunderous roar in acceptance of his speech and they all walk out as the journey begins
Ajadi walk straight to Lazar and marvel.
“for a very long time, you all have been with me, come hell and high water, I have no doubt in putting my kingdom in your hands.. Please take good care of my mother ” he hugged them after he concluded his speech
he look at his mother,and grab hold of her hands and whisper to her
“take care of yourself, I will be back soon ”
Her mother with eye full of tears grabbed him as he turned to walk away.
“be careful out there.. “she said. And ajadi responded with smiles
“I have to go, my people are waiting for me ”
“OK my son Go in peace.. I love you” tinuade said as she wiped her tears and walk away.
Two men rushed towards him as he walked out of his palace.
“my lord! The horses are set”one of them said in haste.
“OK get the arrows and the oil.. We need more of them”ajadi replied
“OK my lord!.. ” they both replied.
“all right everyone get set, we head east.. “billar announced while everyone immediately followed the order. And they all head towards east
To be continued

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