Dragon King episode 56

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 56
(wood and sky)
The shining morning moon ran after them as they make way out of the kingdom with high speed until the village was totally out of scene.
After few minutes of nonstop riding, they got to garris the hunter’s place Ajadi halt everyone immediately, and he asked two of his men to follow him, as he walk straight to the door. He knocked for three times but no one replied, he did that again but no one replied then he pushed the door and and it drive opened.
The three men pulled their swords and walked in gently.
The room look fully unkept as the table was filled with dirty dishes and the floor with a broken cup and wine poured on the floor .
“I think he is somewhere around here, everything here look new ..”ajadi announced
“maybe he went for hunting ” one of the two accompanied men guessed
“that’s true let’s move out ” ajadi announced as they returned their swords back to its Box.
As they walked towards the door, someone jumped down from the top of the building and hit one of the solders with a wood.
He raised the wood and tried to hit him once again but Ajadi turned and blocked it .
“my lord! ” garris said surprisingly when he saw ajadi’s face and he quickly go on his knees.
“am honoured to have received the great dragon king in my hut ” garris confessed
“you have a nice place “ajadi said as he looked around
“thank you my lord.. why did my lord graced me with a visit? ” garris asked as he returned to his feet
“I need your help, we are on a quest to get the box of corel which lies within a carve located at the eastern region of this island and our only hindrance to the box ls a beast called argorh”
“we were told that you are the only one who has survived the attack of the beast, we need you to guide us there ” he concluded
“hmm! It’s a treason to reject the king order. I have been looking for a day like this, to stood and fight beside a powerful king like you. So am in” said garris
“we don’t have much time, we should be on our way now, we should get there before the sunset, argorh never leave the cave in the night but only in morning time ” garris instruct as they start riding.
They rode for a while before garris halt everyone and He hopped down from his horse and pick some greyish leaf on the ground.
To be continued

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