Dragon King episode 7

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 7
(knowing the unknown)
Ajadi stood up and tune on the lamb , eventually the creature was no where to be found
he forcefully lift the lamp, took a few step and said out loud..
“Hey who are you? Show yourself ” he was a bit scared but he had no choice than to face this for now..
The creature did not say a word…
“Who is there ? ” he said again to confirm if it was actually a human or a monster or something of sort, he step forward and turn up the light to get a clear view of who was there.
Immediately a strong wind stormed the area from where the creature was to the edge which ajadi was standing, ajadi quickly stepped backward till he get out of the storm-filled area..
within a short period of time the storm was over. The creature move closer to ajadi until he gets the clear picture of what was there..ajadi looked at him for a while but the creature standing before him doesn’t look familiar to him..he is tall, huge and it has a grayish hair , fully dressed on a white outfit, he looks like a man who is old enough to begot ajadi..
Ajadi : who are you? And what do you want from me?
“Am Marvel the god of winds ” he replied
ajadi was shocked but he quickly calm himself and try to understand what was going on..
Ajadi : so what do you want from me? “He stepped a bit forward to have a clearer view of him..”
Marvel : nothing! But am here to help you..
Ajadi : help me as how? I don’t need your help..
Marvel looked at him and walked a bit closer to him..
Marvel : offcus you need my help..am one of your great grandfather’s agent,I am quick and accurate,I travel around the world within 5 minutes “he move around the room as he speak ”
Ajadi : sorry I don’t understand you..
Marvel : many years ago your great grandfather build a city called ayetoro ,.. and he was blessed by the heavens with a powerful dragon which he use in winning battles! he was the first king to rule the great city , he was powerful and influential, he could hear from the wind, the sun, the moon and he is also immortal against the fire. Before he died, he knew the evil he had held will still rise again, so he cast the dragon back to stone and he created wrist band, he connect the egg with the band ..
(he paused and continued)
Marvel : he hide the handband in a spiritual realm, saying “when the choosen one comes, he shall have the key”.. after his death, his sons pass the stoney egg from generation to generation looking for the main person who will have the golden handband, but none did until you arrived..
Ajadi : am sorry sir, you might have mistaken me for someone else, am not who you think I am, am just a commoner, my father is just a hunter and he never mention anything relating to dragon to me… moreover, we are not from the royal family, so you are getting it all wrong…
Marvel : I know you really well, even more than you know yourself. You are Ajadi the son of alaran, your mother’s name is tinuade . that’s what they told you right?
Ajadi mouth parted ways when he heard this, he stopped walking..
To be continued

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