Dragon King. Episode 8

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The dragon king
A story written by Ademolar
Episode 8
(the truth)
Ajadi looked back in full surprise
“How do you know about my parents? ” he asked!
Marvel : because I know you more than yourself ..
Ajadi : and what do you know about me?
Marvel went ahead to tell him everything he knows about him, he made mention of his origin and his immortality against fire.. ajadi could not believe his ears. He never see himself as powerful as marvel had described..
He stood mute for minutes, but he still find it difficult to believe what marvel was saying, perhaps maybe he was dreaming he thought within himself ..
Ajadi : am sorry I still can’t believe what you are saying..
Marvel : am saying nothing but the truth my lord..
Ajadi : but how do you expect me to believe you, when you said am from the royal family of ayetoro? Am barely 15, and you are not also a human, you are a strange creature who just appeared from no where….
Marvel : the truth is, you are the true prince of ayetoro, your mother was the queen not until your father was attacked by his brother..
Ajadi : sorry I still don’t believe you ..
Marvel : you don’t need to believe me, I guess you know where your mother is?
Ajadi : *surpised * my mother? No please tell me..
Marvel : your mother is with your uncle loki the king of ayetoro , and very soon he will be here for you.. you need to act fast, get the dragon flying and have as many as possible soldiers to attack him ..
Ajadi : but I don’t know how to do that… moreover, am just a boy, how do I fly a dragon, how do I control him? And how do I make grownups work as my soldiers?
Marvel : all you need is to believe in yourself and start seeing yourself as a leader who you are.. your great grandfather trust you, and that’s why he gave you this opportunity..
Ajadi : marvel am not sure I can do this, am sorry I failed you. But I can’t help it.. ( he returned to his bed)
Marvel : are you sure you want your mother back?
Ajadi : yes! I want, but how do I do that? .. can’t you see am futile and not strong enough to face them?
Marvel : that’s why you have me and the egg, with that you can conquer the world.. *he whispered *
Ajadi : am sorry, I don’t want to conquer the world.. I think I have sleep now, I have lot to do tomorrow.. thank you.. (he said and return to bed)
Marvel wander around the room for a while before he finally left , Ajadi tried all his best to decipher what was really going on, but all his efforts were futile and baseless , during the process he overheard someone’s footstep approaching, he stood up out of fear and search earnestly for any source of defense in case if it’s another strage creature , he picked a wooden pole and hide himself behind the door spying from a hole to get an eyeful of who it was.
as the person approach and move more closer, ajadi positioned himself firmly aiming to knock the person down , but luckily for him as he approaches ajadi’s room the light reflecting from other room captured alaran in his full image..Ajadi quickly hide the wooden pole behind the door and make his way to his bed..
Alaran : ajadi! How are you my son?(he asked as he made his way down to ajadi’s bed)
Ajadi : am fine sir..(he adjusted himself from the bed to make space for alaran)
Alaran : what are you still doing awake at this hour?
Ajadi : am actually thinking about my mum, I really can’t sleep cus I don’t know what they are doing to her over there..
Alaran : hmmm! Calm down my son, am sure your mother is in safe hands, am sure nothing will happen to her, just don’t bother yourself on that…
Ajadi : how sure are you about this? Those people knocked me down when I tried to attack them and you are telling me my mum is in a safer hands.. am sorry I don’t believe you..
Alaran : Ajadi! Just trust me! Nothing will happen to her.. go to bed we have a bigger task to handle tomorrow… (he stood up and walk towards the door )
Ajadi : do you believe in dragon?..
Alaran stopped immediately
To be continued……….

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