Dragon King. Prologue

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The Dragon king‎
A story written by ADEMOLAR
Prologue ‎

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It was about 7pm in the evening,
Tinuade  the queen was parading around the beautiful palace of ayetoro city, she had the fashion sense of a real queen, A short, squat lass with curly brown long hair, fully dressed in an expensive gown and had a smile that could make a lion dance makosa.. ‎she was actually accompanied by some palace guards.
It was actually getting dark as everyone was heading to their place of abode, the kids are getting set for the normal moon light activities of amusement, the shop attendants were already getting set to call it a day whilst the street hawkers are already on their peregrination journey.
She could  feel the cool mind-cooling air rumbling and rubbing  her cold body from the outward part of her long silver gown ..

The pregnant queen  had walked for about 10 miles away from the palace before one of the guards who accompanied her quickly summoned her.
“My queen I think we are walking too far from the palace you should need some rest cus of your baby ” he said kneeling before her.
“don’t worry we will soon return home, I just want to feel the beautiful natural of the city tonight ” She turned and gave him a faint smile but she never stop walking

When they got to the village main river,she ordered the guards not to allow anyone to crossover to the river, offcus a queen needs her privacy.. the guard stoped following her and they stay a mile away just to watch the environment, she step forward and  sat besides the river bank and deep her left hand into the river playing with the cold nature of the water, suddenly an old woman came from behind.

She was very annoyed to see this, but before she could say a word the woman told her “long live my queen, I have a message for you ” tinuade looked at her in surprise and she asked “how did you walk pass my guards?”.
“I didn’t walk pass them, I flew pass them” she replied! The queen was shocked on hearing this. “Fear not my queen, am not here to harm you, am here to deliver a message. Very soon your village will be attacked and many evil shall befall this land, you shall become a stranger in your village and your husband shall become a slave, your husband will be betrayed by his most trusted men, but the house of adejare shall rise again with the help of your powerful son and he shall be called “the dragon king”

The dragon king
A story written by ademolar


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