Empire episode 3

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Anderson:when will the new staff resume?
Anderson:there is a lady named Lonia Verman,i want to meet with her when she comes.
Ryan:i understand director.(he walk away)
Selina:hi,i am Selina Mayor am a new staff please treat me well.
Dave:i am Dave Bruce,please treat me well.
Elena:i am Elena Sharp,please treat me well.(Lonia walk into the office while everyone starrs at her)
Lonia:good day,i am Lonia Verman a new staff,please treat me well and i will learn more from you.
Ryan:miss Lonia,the director want to meet with you?
Ryan:yes,follow me.(Lonia and Ryan walk away)
Tracy:her cloth is expensive,it was this summer new hot hit dress,maybe she is from a wealthy family.
Sara:i heard that she can speak three different language apart from English and the heir if Empire choosed her to work here.
Chris:she must have a lot of connections.
Anderson:did you need coffee?
Lonia:no,did you have anything to say.
Anderson:the heir of Empire choosed you,you are really lucky.
Lonia:is that what you have to say?
Anderson:let us start over again,please,i wouldn’t cheat on you anymore and Lonia,you look beautiful than before,i like you this way than the time you wear cheap and old dress.
Lonia:i am not interested in you anymore,so please pretend that you don’t know me,i will leave now director.
Anderson:please,give me another chance,ever since i lose you,i have never been happy.
Lonia:and you will never be happy Anderson,you betrayed my love,i am no longer the Lonia you knew,i have already start a new life,so i don’t want someone like you in my new life.
Anderson:no i wouldn’t stop until i get you back.
Lonia:you don’t need a lowly and poor girl like me,so let me be.
Anderson:Lonia.(Lonia walk away while tears roll down his cheek)
Don:you still want to keep it as a secret from her that you are the heir of Empire?
Leonard:Don,ever since i have play around with a lot of girls,i have never felt like this before,i want to know either she loves my money or me?
Don:but this is all contract and nothing else.
Leonard:but i felt something different ir should i play around with Lonia also?
Don:no,she is the only pretty girl i have ever seen around you,but miss Lonia look so quiet and unhappy,she is going through a lot.
Leonard:but she wouldn’t share her pains with me.
Don:i know,she keep secret and pains within her.
Leonard:i will win her over.
Don:you?i would never believe that,you have never win a woman heart over,they are always after your money.
Leonard:since Lonia doesn’t know that i am the heir of Empire,she will think i am just a hidden billionaria,she wouldn’t know anything,i will win her heart over within three weeks.
Don:but you both made a contract.
Leonard:it may become real.(he sip his wine and smiled)
Mrs Clump:honey,Susan can’t stay single forever,we must also make sure that she doesn’t find out that she is not our real daugther.
Mr Clump:don’t worry,we will find our daugther soon.
Mrs Clump:until even,23 years have already gone by and we haven’t find her yet,we lost her at the park when she was three years old.
Mr Clump:there is reason for everything,i didn’t want to adopt Susan but you forced me,but i want my own real daugther,i don’t seek for Susan happiness.
Mrs Clump:but you like Susan best friend Lonia than even your daugther.
Mr Clump:that girl is brillant,skillful and respectful,so why wouldn’t i like her,i wish i adopt her when she was young than adopting Susan whose head is filled with nothing.
Mrs Clump:honey!
Mr Clump:we will find our daugther very soon,Susan can marry Anderson if she want,i don’t care about her,so leave me alone,i need to focus on this documents.(Mrs Clump walk away angrily)
Lonia:excuse me,i am busy.
Susan:(she collect the document from Lonia and throw it on the floor while Lonia bend down and pick it up)you will always be a trash to me,i and Anderson will get married very soon,i want you be my maid-of-honour,i will pick up a dress for you to wear.
Lonia:stop showing off to me and why would i attend my enemy wedding?
Susan:no,we are best friend who love one man.
Lonia:i don’t love Anderson anymore,Anderson belongs to you not me,i am not so lowly like you(Anderson wacth from behind)i wouldn’t fight over a man with you.(Susan slap her)hit me whenever you want,their will be a time when i will also raise my hand at you.(Anderson walk closer to Lonia)
Anderson:are you okay Lonia?(he touch Lonia cheek)
Susan:Anderson how dare you ignore me and look after Lonia?
Lonia:(she remove Anderson hand from her cheek)stay away from me.(she walk away)
Anderson:(he hold Susan hand)follow me.
Susan:i told you not to look at Lonia anymore,did you want me to cancel our marriage?
Anderson:do whatever you want,but don’t ever lay your hands on Lonia anymore.
Susan:yous till have feelings for Lonia?
Anderson:i still love her,ever since i left her,i have never been happy,i want her back in my life not you.
Susan:you are crazy Anderson.
Anderson:am not,i regret of leaving her just because of you and your money,i want Lonia back in my life.
Susan:(she slap Anderson)if you ever leave me just because of Lonia,i will make Lonia life miserable and i can even get rid of her if i want too,both of us will get married,there is nothing that you can do about it.
Anderson:if you hurt Lonia,i will make you regret it.
Susan:so stay away from her,if you don’t we will both regret it.(she walk away angrily)
(Lonia walk into mansion while Leonard walk closer to her)
Lonia:i am back.
Leonard:let us go to a park,i am so bored staying inside alone.
Leonard:let us go.(he smiled)
Lonia:(licking ice-cream)whoa,this is cool.
Leonard:Lonia,did you know that you are pretty?
Lonia:(she smiled)really?
Lonia:can i ask you a question?
Leonard:yes,go ahead.
Lonia:you don’t work,but you have a lot of money and you pay the maids,chefs and bodygaurd their salaries without delay,what is your real identity?
Leonard:i…,my parent are wealthy so why wouldn’t i have money?Lonia.
Leonard:did you have someone who you love?
Lonia:yes.(Leonard mood changed)
Leonard:is he handsome than me?is he wealthy than me?
Lonia:you are handsome than him because i now hate him,he can’t macth the level of your money(tears roll down her cheek while she cried slowly)
Leonard:Lonia,are you okay?
Lonia:he slept with my bestfriend,he betrayed my love,they both deceived me,i didn’t do anything wrong.
Leonard:(he clean off Lonia tears with a napkin while Lonia name was written at the end of the napkin)think of me as this napkin,i will always clean off your tears.
Lonia:(she look at Leonard)why did you do this?
Leonard:because miss Lonia is teraful and have a painful soul within her,i will ease your tears and pains.
Lonia:thanks Leonard.
Leonard:let us get revenge,i will help you to ruin those two who made you like this miss Lonia.
To be continued.

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