Endless tears 3

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Alex Bello hissed. “And you were stupid enough to believe that I love you?” he laughed strangely. “Those words were said in a fit of passion and sexual satisfaction, surely you are not dumb enough to believe that I could love you” he said with intense irritation that I instantly felt like a piece of trash. Tears slipped down my eyes. “Look at you” his eyes roamed my body. “You are not even fit to be a maid in my house” he declared. “You came all the way from your little village to the Federal capital in wrappers and slippers, and you still think that i love you? I have never loved you. I only needed a willing body and you volunteered. That is all”

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Stunned silence fell and cold gripped me. I think i am going to be sick. Tears trickled down my cheeks. No! It can’t be happening to me. Everyone can’t turn their backs on me, especially not the originator of this turmoil. There must be a mistake. I stood on shaky legs, allowing my legs take me a bit closer to him. “Corp, it is me, your Ama.” I said shakily. “You told me you love me, have you forgotten? You told me you loved village girls like me because we are well cultured. You promised to marry me and make my dreams come true. You said-”

“Please spare me all that bullshit” Alex retorted sharply. “You are a fool if you believe all that crap. All I wanted was to have a good time while I was in service. Lisa is the woman I love, I would never change, got it. As for that thing in your tummy, you are not so dumb, you should know what you can do about it. What you need is money right? I would give you money to take care of it and a little compensation to lead a good life. Is that OK?”

I froze and I think my face is as white as A4 paper. How could he suggest such a thing? Better still, how could I have been so stupid? Staring at him, the person who was supposed to make me smile became a monster.

“Amadioha strike that mouth of yours” my mum flared up. “How dare you ask my daughter to abort her child? My daughter would never do that. Over my dead body”

Dad stood up. “Did you think we came here to play? You have only one option open to you, and that is to marry her, if not, I would create enough scandal to last a lifetime. Imagine, you used my daughter to relieve your sexual urges. It is not your fault, if not for the senseless daughter I have”

“Never! I would never marry her” he declared.

“Of course you won’t” his mum declared, glaring at my parents and I. I swallowed. The pain I was feeling in my chest
was burning.
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