Endless tears. Episode 1

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Episode 1*

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Never have I fathomed in the four corners of my little mind that I would be derailed from my goals. My eyes have always been fixed on that glorious spot. I always spied my neighbour’s television just to be able to listen to the news, see beautiful people and aspire to be like them, but everything changed all of a sudden. My focus was diverted, my brain was hacked by a stronger device and I was left with only one thing to drive my every action – my emotions. Corper Bello appeared and he became the driver of my every action, because he held the key to my heart……

My legs dragged sluggishly on the fanciful Abuja road as I forced myself to keep the pace my parents were setting. We have spent three days here in Abuja, doing only one thing – searching for Corper Alex Bello. I can’t believe all that is happening and waking up from this nightmare seems practically impossible. My legs throbbed and my waists seemed strained from excessive walking. Every pedestrian I saw was gaily dressed, looking like the ones I saw on television. Even though this was my first time out of the confines of my little village, I was not enjoying myself, simply because there is nothing to enjoy.

“Move faster pregnant woman and stop dragging your foot on the floor.” Dad snapped. People walking past turned round to stare at me but I kept my head bowed as shame overtook me again. Yes, I am pregnant for Corper Bello. Dad never stops reminding me, like I can ever forget. How can I forget the news that trauncated my dreams and brought shame to my face?

“You this useless thing, when you knew you could not handle the rigors of pregnancy, why did you spread your legs wide like a satellite dish?”

Stung, I blinked back tears and walked on with my head bowed. Thoughts vacated my head as I walked lifelessly behind my parents.

“Ahn Ahn, Nnayi” my mum murmured defensively.

“You better shut up woman” Dad countered. “Look at you, like mother like daughter.” He hissed. “You better pray we find the useless guy that impregnated your daughter today, if not, you both would leave my house.” He hissed again facing me. “I wonder where you got your waywardness; it is definitely from your mother’s family because we don’t have sluts in my family.” he said emphatically.

Pain sliced through me like a million knives. I had gone from being the pride of my family to being a shameful example in every family in the village just by one single act. I had cried a lot during the past few weeks but now, now all I have is hope that this momentary pain I am feeling is worth it. Tears burn in my eyes as I remember my dreams, the dreams I have always had of becoming a high class medical doctor. All these dreams are not destroyed, I tell myself. I am confident, without a doubt that Corper Alex would accept me and my unborn child. I place my hand on my tummy protectively, trying to close my baby’s ears against the harsh words  of its grandfather, as my dad continued to rain curses. My anxiety lifts a little as I remember the words of love that came out of Corper Alex’s mouth as he made sweet love to me. He had worshipped my body with his hands and his mouth, saying words that brought tears to my eyes. It had been the most exhilarating experience of my life. Corper Bello loves me and would definitely accept this child, I told myself again. We just need to find his father’s house, which we have been searching for, for the past three days. We discovered that his father is the famous Senator Bello, and that discovery seemed to reduce my dad’s wrath.

We arrived at a massive gate and paused. I checked the address again, very sure that there must be a mistake. This can’t be Corper Alex’s father’s house, can it? From the gate alone, I could tell the inside would be bigger than my entire village.

“Is this the place?” My dad asked, also awed as we all stared at the massive gate.

I checked the address again and mum also checked the paper with me. “I think it is the place Papa” I said hesitantly.

He turned and knocked the gate. I adjusted my small wrapper and waited patiently. The small pedestrian squeaked and opened and a guy came out. He sized us up, looking at us from head to toe and his eyes returned with a frown. “Yes, what do you want?” he growled.

Dad glared at him. “Where is your oga? We are here to see Senator Bello”

The guy looked at us again and laughed. “People like you can’t see the honourable Senator. Are you sure you know who you are looking for?” he asked incredulously.

“Ogini” mum intervened. “What is your job? Is it not to attend to visitors? C’mon open the gate”

“You can’t come in, the Senator is in a meeting”

Dad hissed and pushed the gateman out of the way forcefully. The struggled, and during the struggle, mum pulled me inside with her. The gateman’s noise rang in my ears as mum dragged me along. I  wasfaced with a massive house and I wondered where the entrance was located. Dad joined us almost immediately and the gateman raced into the house, wanting to alert them, I guess. Before we got to the entrance, the gateman appeared with a woman who was artfully dressed from her head to her feet. She looked exceedingly stunning. Immediately she saw us, she stared at us like little insects.

“What may I do for you please?” she asked, more out of curtesy.

Dad hissed. “Get out of my face woman. I am here to see that Senator Bello and his son, I don’t need a woman running her mouth in front of me”, he grated out.

The woman gasped angrily. “What do you want with my husband? He does not mingle with your kind” she said in disgust.

“Hey, you better shut up your mouth there or else I would shout and the whole world would know just how irresponsible you are. Shameless people” he hissed. “I am here to see the Senator and his good for nothing son, and the earlier you take us to him, the better.”

*****To be continued…

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