Endless tears Episode 10

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The car entered a large compound that left me momentarily stunned. It was not as big as the senator’s house but the design was exquisite. I would not have imagined, despite the fact that I had seen many houses on my neighbor’s television, that such an exquisite building existed. And to think that someone as young as Corper Bello lived here was so unbelievable. I instantly felt out of place.

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When the car was finally parked, I stepped out of it, looking a little frozen. Am I expected to live here? In this massive house? How would I cope with this? I had slept in the BQ in the senator’s compound and even that had been too much luxury for me, even though I barely stepped out of my room. But here, if what I saw outside was any indication, the house itself would be mind-numbing. Getting used to this place would be a great deal of work, no doubt. The only problem was that I would not be able to find joy here, the thought was so painful. Even my shabby village was filled with joy and a hope of a better tomorrow, there seemed to be none of that here. The man I thought I loved, cherished and respected was gone, replaced by this terrifying monster that would do anything to make my life miserable.

The driver took my sack of clothes, holding it with two fingers like it was trash, as he led me into the massive building. I was right. The house was spectacular, so breathtaking that it had me gawking like a fool. A young pretty girl of about my age approached me with an apron tied to her body. The driver gave her the sack and left her as she stared at me vaguely.

“Hello” she said softly as if she were talking to a child. I looked at her silently. “Mr. Alex told me that you were coming and that I should show you to your room” she explained. I smiled briefly and followed her lead.

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