Endless tears. Episode 13

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Footsteps alerted me, telling me that I was not alone. I tensed, knowing exactly who it was before I even saw him. My thoughts may have summoned him but his presence engulfed the entire sitting room, immediately he started climbing down the steps. What was he doing up so early? I wished he did not have such an effect on me and the admission that I still harbored feelings for him made me extremely angry. I stopped singing and cleaned the couch I was cleaning furiously, with undiluted anger.

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“I suppose you were taught how to greet” he murmured.

My hands stilled slightly, and then wordlessly, I continued.

“You are not deaf, are you?” he asked as anger crept into his voice. He must have some nerves!

I dropped the duster instantly and faced him, wanting to show him that I was not born mute. “Excuse me sir, if I remember correctly, the duties of a maid that was assigned to me was to clean the house. That does not include greeting you, does it?”

He clenched his fists dangerously. “Are you raising your voice at me?” he growled, advancing menacingly.

I stood my ground. I had entered the lion’s den; I might as well face the consequences. “What if I am?” his palm connected with my cheeks, sending me backwards from the force. My face burnt bright red and my eyes had trouble focusing on him as dizziness gripped me with full force. He grabbed my neck and dragged me to him and I started panicking. I don’t think I have ever been this scared.

“Never” he boomed. “Never you talk back at me, you hear me? Never” he roared and pushed me out of his hands. I almost fell flat on my face from the force of the push and I stumbled furiously, trying to get my footing. Immediately I did, I turned and fled into my room like the devil was at my heels. Slamming the door forcefully, I collapsed on my bed, in tears. It had become abundantly clear now that this is not the Corper I fell in love with, because the man out there was nothing more than a monster.
To bbe continued…

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