Endless tears Episode 14

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Mr Peters stretched his legs before him. Now, life was beginning to have shape, he thought happily. He felt overjoyed over the incidents of the past few weeks. It would have been a disaster if the person that impregnated Amara was a pauper. In fact, he was sure that he would have disowned her instantly.

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He had known when his daughter started following the corper around. He had known that something like this might happen. It was then he had done a little research and found out that the corper was from a wealthy family. He did not know however, that the boy was this wealthy. When Alex had suggested he paid them off, the idea had sounded very palatable as he considered that it would be nice to have instant money. But he had calculated that the token that would be given can never be compared to what Amara could extort on the long run, if his daughter was married to the Senator’s son. He felt happy with himself. It was not every day that opportunities like this surfaced, and the earlier he grabbed it with two hands, the better for him. All he needed now was for Amara to use her brain and her ‘endowments’ to win her way into her husband’s heart. He knew that being the good girl that she was; she would still be having difficulty doing what he had hinted on her wedding day. He would have to work on that. A little visit to her place and some cunning advices would be able to set her in motion. Mr Peters knew that it would have been a great help if his wife was in support of this motion. She would have been able to train Amara properly, since they were both women and it was not a myth that Amara always listened to her mother. But that damn woman was too stubborn, he thought angrily. He would have to be contented with doing this by himself.

A big smile touched his dry lips as he considered getting an apartment here in the FCT instead of going back to that blasted village. He had gotten a pretty handsome amount for Amara’s dowry but now, he had no intention of using part of the money for an apartment. The Senator would have to get them an apartment if he wanted them out of his house; with a little taunting of course. He laughed. Life could be fun!

To be continued….. 

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