Endless tears Episode 23

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I entered our large house several minutes later. Today had to be the best day of my life. I was bubbling with excitement. I was having a baby boy! Wow. The thought was so pleasant. Tina was right. Right now, all I could think about was clothes. I wanted to buy so many clothes for my child, and I tapped the credit card in my hand with excitement. I could not wait to buy tiny clothes for my baby boy.
I opened the door to the sitting room and entered. As soon as I stepped fully into the sitting room, I froze. Tina almost bumped into me but I was not looking at her. My gaze was fixed on Alex and the woman with him. Everything I had experienced during the day evaporated as I stared at them. I had avoided Alex for several days, why did he have to show up today of all days? That was not as annoying as the fact that he was with that lady whore. The very same one he brought the other day. I wondered why she went back to him after knowing fully well that he was married. She really had no shame. Anger coerced through me and I felt Tina touch my arm softly but I snubbed her. I approached the two people who apparently were too busy caressing one another to notice my presence.
I raised my voice. “Like I said the last time, you both should be sensible enough to restrict your shameful act to the bedroom” I yelled, gaining their attention at once.
Alex’s gaze pierced through me and instantly, the agreement I had signed came to my mind. I froze slightly as I swallowed. I had thought this would happen but why did it feel like a knife was been stabbed into my soul?
The girl rose from Alex’s lap, seeming more confident than she was last time. She smiled like a serpent as she ran her gaze over me, stopping on the slight swell of my tummy. I placed my hand on the evidence of my superiority in the house. She smiled.
“I wonder what Alex saw in you. You look worse than a one night stand. But don’t think that because of this thing in your tummy and that wedding band, you have won” she grinned. “On the contrary, you have just signed your death warrant because I would make your life hell on earth. Apparently, I have Alex’s heart” she said with a grin and turned to gaze at Alex. “And I have something else” she continued frighteningly. “I also have his seed growing in me”
The rotation of the earth seemed to stop at that. Alex seemed to have gone pale. The little witch placed her hand tenderly on her flat tummy. “I accepted you back because of this Alex. I would have told you the other day but this thing showed up and shattered everything. Since then, I decided I would like to have her in audience when I break the good news.” She paused slightly and then grinned happily, with her eyes shining. “I am pregnant Alex”
Wow!! The story just started…… Amara in big trouble…… watch out for episode 23 coming your way soon…….
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