Endless tears Episode 32

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“Let go of my cloth you this prostitute” I pitched and snatched my cloth from her hand.

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She faced me furiously and laughed slightly. “I think ‘Slut’ should be your middle name you this dirty village girl. Why couldn’t you have found someone else to impregnate you, you had the nerve to choose my Alex. My own Alex! I would show you pepper in this house” she yelled, shaking her body vigorously like someone in battle. She faced the maids. “Pack her things” she ordered.

I blocked the doorway. If someone would remove my things from this room, they would have to first remove me from the entrance. I watched Tola grab my sack of clothes, as that was virtually the only the thing in that room that was mine. Tina looked as though she were about to cry. “Drop my bag this minute Tola” I said menacingly.

Lisa grabbed the bag that contained nothing of substance to make it heavy and held it up like it was a contaminable disease. “Do you call this bag?” she laughed heartily. “This thing is not dignified enough to sit in my dustbin” she said, looking irritated.

“Would you shut up” I yelled and before I could even notice my movement, my hand rose and connected firmly with her cheeks, sending her reeling. She fought for balance and red marks showed on her pale white face. She stood and retaliated soundly. The echo of the slap vibrated through me as I staggered. I heard Tina gasp as she made to stable me before I hit the wall. I had some seconds to catch my breath, but those seconds were all Lisa needed to have my clothes out of the room.

“Please don’t do this” Tina whispered. “You have to take it easy, do it for your baby”

I shrugged her off. I was in no mood to ‘take it easy’. All I wanted to do was scream my lungs out until I was completely exhausted.


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