Endless tears Episode 33

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I paced the cold floors of my new room in total frustration and anger. Lisa and I had yelled at each other, countless number of times and I found that my throat was a bit sore. The serene and quiet house had suddenly turned to a battle field as Lisa and I exchanged heated words. The house seemed to be boiling in tension and I could not even sit at one spot for five minutes without standing up to pace. Both Tina and Tola were on their toes, carrying out the orders of Lisa. The house seemed to be on fire. I couldn’t just calm down.

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I did not know when Alex came in because of the strategic position of my new irritating room but immediately I heard his voice some distance from my room, I became alert. He was obviously talking to Lisa.

“Oh, my poor baby, you look so tired” she said. “You sure need to let off steam” I heard her say again.

“Any suggestions?” there seemed to be a smile in Alex’s voice.

There was silence and I told myself that I did not want to know what the silence meant.

“Why don’t you eat first?” she said again after the long silence.

“I know what I would rather eat but I am actually really hungry” I heard him say. “Let me take a shower and meet you at the dinning” he said and she murmured something I could not catch. I heard footsteps and knew Alex was going into his room. I swallowed and opened my door. I told myself that Alex would have to offer me some good explanations for the way he had been treating me. I walked to his bedroom and paused outside his room, wandering if I should knock or just go in. deciding that there was no need for me to show him any respect when he obviously could not do that for me, I pushed against the handle and entered. He was standing with his back to me.

“Did you have a change of heart Lisa?” he asked, obviously smiling.

“I wish you did” he turned around at that. I had to forcefully ignore his wide opened chest and the shirt that hung openly.

His eyes showed his irritation. “What the hell are you doing in here?” he growled.

“Why? Why Alex? Why did you choose to put me through this? I never asked for this” I gasped out.

“I am not in the mood for this-”

I cut in. “You approached me in the village, making me feel like the most outstanding woman on earth. You told me you loved me and that no other woman could take my place in your heart. What changed? What-”

“It was all a ploy” he cut in.

I started. “What does that mean?”

“I never meant all those nonsense I said to you. How could i?” he asked bewildered, like I was totally a fool for even believing it. “It was all part of the plan to get you into my bed.”

“What are you talking about Corper?” I asked with a sickly pale face.

He exhaled. “All the guys and corpers in the village could not get you into their bed, you know. They were so sure that you were untouchable and they wanted to see who had the capacity to deflower the ‘almighty Amara’. They placed a bet, and I, took the challenge. You were a sweet challenge and I wanted my Service days to be lively. I used those romantic words as bait and when you finally fell into my bed, I showed the guys the blood-stained sheet as the evidence of my victory. So, you see? Stop wondering what changed my feelings because there was never any feeling. It was all a bet”


To be continued………………………

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