Endless tears Episode 38

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“Well well” Lisa squeaked softly. “I guess the village tramp is now trying to fit into society” she murmured angrily.

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I inhaled deeply, completely ignoring her cos I really did not have time for her today. “Uhmmmmm…” I sighed. “Something smells nice” I said with a dreamy look on my face. I walked to Alex and was terribly irritated when his eyes roamed my body, lingering on my chest, but I hid my irritation behind a fake smile. I got to Alex and suddenly bent to plant a firm kiss on his cheek, stunning him and drawing a sharp angry look from Lisa.

“Good morning dear husband” I said with excitement ringing in my voice. I glanced at Lisa. “Good morning mistress”. None of them answered and I frowned dramatically. “Awww… didn’t you both enjoy a good night’s sleep?” They looked at me impassively and I shook my head and looked pitifully at them. “That is a shame. I actually had a very nice sleep, the best I have had in a long time by the way, and a wonderful dream to go with it” I smiled gaily. I sank onto the chair on Alex’s left and picked a plate and served myself. Eating fried eggs did not seem like a good idea because I have noticed since I got pregnant, that I always ended up throwing up afterwards, so I opted for taking bread and tea only. I moaned softly in appreciation when the rich beverage slid down my throat and Alex looked up instantly.

Lisa cleared her throat and sat as straight as a stick on her chair and murmured something under her breath then faced Alex. “Sweetheart?” she called.

“Yes baby” Alex answered distractedly. I continued my meal as though there were not there.

“I had a talk with the wedding planner last night” she began.

“You did?” Alex seemed tense.

“Yes. All the decorations are in order and the baker is working on the cakes. The wedding gown I chose has been purchased and would be delivered soon. I think everything is in place. I want the wedding to be grand and not look like a shabby sitting room wedding” she declared.

“No one would dare wed you in a sitting room baby” Alex responded. “You are way too precious for that”.

She laughed. “Thanks baby… Obviously. Only village dropouts get married in such manner” she said triumphantly.

“At least, the village dropout gets a wedding. You won’t be getting any” I said calmly as I chewed on the bread.

Tina faced me angrily. She had obviously been trying to get me angry with her comment and my calm statement got her infuriated. “Oh? Is your imagination playing tricks on you? We are getting married next week, if you are nice, i might invite you so you can see what a real wedding should look like” she said sharply with a cynical smile.

“Oh sweetheart, sorry to burst your bubble, there won’t be a wedding, not next week, not next year, not in the next life, do you understand?” I returned, focusing fully on my meal.

“There won’t? And what would you do to stop the wedding uhn?” I could hear her tapping her feet angrily under the table.

“Yes. How do you plan on stopping it?” Alex added and I noted his increasing anger in the taut lines of veins in his strong hands.

“Oh me? I won’t do anything; in fact, Alex would definitely stop the wedding by himself” I murmured with a deepening smile.

“What the hell are you talking about Amara?” Alex asked.

“Never mind” I dismissed and stood up. “Well, I have to go now”

“Sit down. You would explain the meaning of this nonsense right now tramp” Lisa yelled.

I raised my brows. “The next time you call me that, I would personally show you how villagers deal with people like you. Nonsense”

I stood up from the chair and walked into the kitchen. Tina and Tola were in the middle of a discussion when I entered the kitchen. “Hey ladies” I greeted with a smile.

“Good morning Miss Amara. Thanks again for the clothes” Tola said hastily.

“It’s nothing, besides, we are going to get more today” they both grinned and I had the feeling that I had won Tola over. She looked freer with me than she has ever been and I liked it. The less enemies I had, the better.“Ok, are you both ready?” they nodded frantically and we set out.


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