Endless tears Episode 40

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“I was” Alex exhaled. “Until she showed up in my father’s house claiming that I impregnated her”

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“What?” He almost jumped out of the chair. “You see? I told you those village girls are witches, you can never touch them and go scot free. I warned you. Did you never hear of the word condom? How could you have been so careless?”

“Well, it is too late for me to answer that. I am already married to her”

Toba bolted up. “You are what?” He yelled. “Are you sure you are alright Alex? You seem to be saying rubbish”

“I got married to her about two months ago man”

“Are you sick?” He roared. “Did you never hear about abortion?”

“Shut up man, you are pissing me off. Did you listen to me at all? She showed up on my father’s doorstep, not mine. Her blasted father threatened to truncate my dad’s election by spreading the news if I don’t marry his daughter. My father made me marry the bitch and there was nothing I could do about it.”

Toba hissed. “Nothing? How did things get this far? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

Alex exhaled. He knee that everything was a huge mess. “Sit down bro, you have not heard the full gist”

“There is more” he sounded bewildered as he sat back down.

“I made Amara a maid in the house but she flared up when she found me with Lisa and asked for a divorce”

“Good for you” Toba said instantly.

“Yeah. It would have been but dad threatened to take the company away from me if I let her go away with his grandchild.”

“Oh brother, your life is really messed up”

Alex frowned angrily. “Thanks. And it gets more messy because it also turns out that Lisa is also pregnant”

Toba stared at him, totally dumbfounded for some minutes then started to laugh uncontrollably. Alex scoffed and wanted to punch Toba in the throat. “It is nice to know that my predicament is funny”

Toba laughed and laughed, trying to stop himself. “Ol boy… I think… 2face is your role model” he laughed out loud and his laughter vibrated the walls. “But 2face never married his baby mamas so I think you need to take lectured from him”

“Shut up” Alex boomed angrily. “If you are not going to say anything sensible, get yourself out of here you swine”

Toba forcefully brought himself under control. “Sorry… So, is that all?”


Toba forced himself not to laugh as he tried to listen to the rest of the tale. Alex told him of the contract, how Lisa moved into the house and sped up the wedding date and how Amara moved out of her room for Lisa and how he had told her that she was merely a bet and…

“Wait” Toba stopped him with wide eyes. “Are you trying to tell me that you actually told her that you placed a bet on her?” Now, this did not sound funny.


“Oh, Alex, you are probably the most stupid man on earth. It seems this Amara knows how to make you do stupid things. How can you do that?”

“I really deserve whatever insult you throw because you are right. That is the most stupid thing I have done so far because she has changed. It is like she is about to invoke the spirits of hell” he explained all that happened ever since he told Amara about the bet and when he finished, Toba’s eyes were wide.

“Oh, you are in for trouble man”

Alex exhaled deeply. “I know but I can’t sit down and do nothing. I need to do something. Something to destroy that confidence she now has and give her back that inferiority complex”

Toba thought for a while. “Well, that shouldn’t be so difficult. She is a woman, you are a man. Beating her up every time she runs her mouth would cool her down a bit, it would be preferable to do it in presence of one or two people. That would give her a level of inferiority complex. Downplay her and put all her shortcomings before her, use it to taunt her in the presence of people and you would see that this newly found bravery would vanish. Although, I hope she won’t be pushed to do anything rash…” he said thoughtfully. “… Like kill you”

Alex swallowed. “That is a brilliant idea” he could not wait to get the control back. “Why did I not think of it before?” He remembered when he had hit her when she just entered the house. She had squirmed and fled. “It is an excellent idea” he breathed again. “And no, she won’t be tempted to kill me because I would make sure she does not have enough strength to even try”.


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