Endless tears Episode 42

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Mr. Bello sat in his study looking thoughtfully at the wall. What sort of father would he call himself if he could not even say truthfully that he had raised Alex well. All his life, he had made sure
that he was never unjust to anyone, he had tried his best to impact the same values into his son, but it seemed his best hadn’t been good enough.
Where had he gone wrong? He probably should not have gone into politics. If he hadn’t, maybe he would have had more time for Alex. Maybe, he would have noticed this heartless behavior in him
and changed it before it became too late. But he had failed. He had failed as a father to be a good mentor to his only son and child. His wife had never been a good role model, he always knew
that. It was not his fault that he had fallen in love with her, despite her misgivings. He could not tell the heart what and whom to love. But he should have been the better parent. He should have been
the better parent for Alex.
He swallowed hard as he thought of the various things his son had gotten himself into lately. He had impregnated a poor secondary school girl and it had only taken some investigation to find out
that he gambled on the girl’s pride. That
knowledge had hurt him more than he was willing to express. It was so unbelievable that his own biological son could be so cruel as to do such a
despicable thing to an innocent girl. This had informed his threat to Alex several weeks back.
He knew categorically that Alex would not lose the company for anything in the world so it had been good bait. He would never allow any injustice to befall Amara. It had been because of the guilt that his son had bet on Amara’s pride
that he had gladly given Amara’s father, Mr. Peters, what he demanded for – an apartment, which was well furnished. Mr. Bello had rented the apartment, paying for three years at once. If the press could wind of the scandal his son had caused, his political ambitions would be thwarted.
But that was not his problem Alex had come to them with another shocking
news. He had impregnated Lisa. Mr. Bello had never liked the spoilt girl who thought herself higher than everyone but he had tried to accept her when Alex showed his interest in her. How
would he sit back and watch his son marry two wives at this early stage. Even though Alex behaved ten times his age, he is just twenty five years old. Marrying two wives could kill him before thirty. Yet, it would be unjust to throw Lisa away. She is definitely carrying is grandchild
He sighed heavily. He had no clue as to what to do salvage the situation. It seemed to have gone a bit out of control.

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