Endless tears Episode 43

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Two days passed without me seeing Alex. He
apparently hadn’t come home at all and I found
myself wondering where he was. It would not be
surprising one bit if I found out that he was out
making other babies, since he had turned into a
baby making factory. During the past two days,
Tola had become almost as close to me as Tina
and I found myself liking her. She seemed sweet
and funny but no one would take the place that
Tina occupies in my heart. She was not just my
closest friend but was also like a sister and
sometimes, even a mother. If Tina hadn’t been
there, I am not sure I would have survived all
that I have been through. She was there when no
one else was there to support me and for that I
would forever be grateful.
Tola was not the only one that changed within
the past two days. I also noticed that Lisa was
quiet now. She always looked at me with hatred
brimming in her eyes but she always kept her
mouth shut. Since she always ran her tongue like
a parrot, I instinctively knew something was
wrong. She must be up to something, and it did
not smell good. Living in the village, I knew
certainly that two women could never live in
peace if they had to share a man. One woman
would try to kill another just to make her vanish.
Well, I certainly wanted her to vanish from my
life, along with Alex and all the problems he
brought into my life, but I definitely am not a
killer. I can’t kill anyone to achieve that.
Although, even though I am not a murderer, I
don’t know if Lisa would resort to killing me. It
was probably extreme to think that Lisa might try
to kill me but the feeling that she was planning
something was strong. I have been crosschecking
everything I eat and had decided to cook in the
kitchen along with Tina. Tina would definitely not
do anything to hurt me but, who knows, Lisa
might sneak in and…
I laughed suddenly. The movies I have been
watching on that massive television were
beginning to get the better part of me.
Tina turned and stared confusingly at me,
stopping the rice she was busy rinsing. “What is
so funny uhn? Why are you laughing?” she asked.
“Considering the fact that you are slicing onions,
the opposite should be the case”
I smiled. “I am just thinking that the movies I
watch is becoming too much. It is beginning to
pollute my good reasoning”
She frowned. “Hmmmm… I see” she eyed me
suspiciously. “Is that all you were thinking
about?” she raised a brow.
I frowned at her and shook my head. “My God
Tina, you are too nosy. Wash that rice before we
all die of hunger”
She grinned. “It is my duty as your friend to be
nosy. Be sure to tell me what you are thinking
I sighed. “Ok, if you are a good girl, maybe I
might confide in you” I said cheekily.
“And what is the secret?” I turned to see Tola
bouncing into the kitchen as she stared at both of
us suspiciously.
“What?” I stared at the two ladies grinning at me
with questioning eyes. “You both are so
unbelievable. Who would imagine that an ordinary
laughter caused this?” for some reasons, I had a
reason to think that they were on a totally
different page from my line of thoughts. They
looked at me with this knowing look on their
faces and I started wondering about what was
going on in their small heads.
“Well, if you are laughing, there must be
something behind it right?” Tola winked and Tina
grinned as they both gave themselves high-five.
I frowned at them now, looking from one to
another. “Tell me you two. What the hell are you
cooking up?” I was now confused.
“Aaaarrrhhhh… nothing. Only jollof rice” Tina
answered as she returned to the rice.
“Don’t you dare give me that! What is going on?”
I snatched the bowl of rice and faced them
squarely with a look that said ‘spit it out’.
They grinned. “Ok, let’s see Amara” Tina began.
“You suddenly agreed to get a nice wardrobe; you
look exceedingly great all the time, you smile
more often now than you have done in the past
“And now, you are laughing” Tola finished and
raised her brow, even though I was still frowning.
“What informed all these changes? Is there… a
man involved?” she asked grinning.
“What?” Oh! I stared at the two ladies and
suddenly began to laugh. I laughed and laughed
and laughed until I ended up crying. Once I
started crying, I could not stop. Just when I
thought I had reached my bus-stop where tears
were concerned! The smiles on their faces
vanished instantly and they were trying to stop
my tears. “There is a man involved” I said
between sobs. “He has instigated all the changes
in my life. I wonder when that would change” I
sobbed and Tina and Tola held me, blaming one
another all the way for taunting me.

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