Endless tears Episode 44

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I walked the street two days after that incident. It
hadn’t been easy getting my cheekiness back and
getting rid of the emotional side of me, but I had
done it. It is not easy to keep my emotions at
check because it always comes to the surface
every time I am alone but I knew for a fact that I
had to be strong; if not for myself, then for my
son. He was already caught in between, I did not
want anything to hurt him.
I got to the roadside flower stand I had noticed
several weeks back and stopped again. I
stretched out my hand and played with the
striking flower. Only now, the flower seemed to
look pale, compared to the first time I saw it. It
had been so bright and alive with a lively glow
the last time I saw it, but now, I could tell that
the weather was not being favorable and the
flower might die soon. Great sympathy and
compassion engulfed me as my thoughts took
over me. It was probably unfortunate that
wherever I go, I would always be reminded of
Alex. It seemed impossible to forget. Only one
mistake had turned my life around. It was a
mistake wished I could undo. If only I hadn’t
fallen for him, I would probably be on my way to
the university by now. I have not been in this
trauma for long considering the fact that I was
barely five months pregnant, but it feels like my
whole life had been spent in this pain. It feels like
I have never known a minute of joy or
The flash of a camera brought me back to my
senses and I raised my eyes to stare at the very
same guy I had met at this very spot weeks back.
Kelvin. Yes! That was definitely the name he gave
me, that is if it is true, of course.
He was staring at the small digital camera in his
hand and he raised his eyes to mine. He was not
holding a smile, neither was he frowning; he just
stared at me, making me nervous with the
intensity of his gaze.
I felt like punching him. “Do you make a habit of
taking pictures of strangers without their
consent?” I asked in annoyance.
He stared at me for so long, I in fact thought he
would never answer. The picture he took was not
my problem though, it was his unsettling gaze. He
managed to hold my gaze without even trying and
he seemed to see into my soul. He suddenly
looked down until he was again staring at his
I shifted nervously and tapped my feet in
annoyance. How dare he take my picture and
ignore my question? I opened my mouth to hurl
insults at me when he suddenly looked up at me
again. “A flower is a symbol of great beauty and
love, opening up its buds in the sun, beaming with
life and promises” he walked up to me and his
fingers played with the flower even though his
eyes were holding mine. “But what happens when
the sun it opened itself up to gets too hot for it to
handle?” he asked. “The ground dries up, leaving
the flower without water to sustain it; leaving the
flower to face the vengeance of the hot sun
without support” he glanced briefly at the flower
then back at my pale face. “Slowly, the flower
begins to fade… then it withers… and if care is
not taken… it dies…” his gaze had become so
intense and for several seconds, minutes, hours…I
have no idea how long I stood there; I just stood,
gazing at him as his words ran through my mind
over and over again.
I blinked and shook my head. “What do you
mean?” I squeaked.
He looked at me for several seconds then looked
again at the camera. I wanted to see the picture
he took now. “You have a faraway look in your
eyes. Your body posture and set jaw tells me that
you are going through a lot of pain which you try
to hide behind bravery.” He raised his eyes to
mine. “You are like this beautiful flower. Radiant
with unrivalled beauty, open to life and filled with
a lot of promises. Although, I am afraid you might
have let in too much sun. I…”
“Stop” I yelled. “Stop filling my head with rubbish”
I blinked furiously, trying not to lose the battle
over my emotions. “Why do I always have to
bump into you” I yelled, even though it was the
second time I was seeing him. But why does it
always have to be at this same spot? “I am not a
flower, and unfortunately, I did not let in any sun.
Do you know why?” I asked. “Because all I have
in my life is complete darkness” I screamed and
turned instantly, heading home. I did not hear him
following and I was extremely grateful. At least he
knows when to back down. I refrained from
looking back and marched home.
I opened the door of the sitting room and did not
even pause when I saw Alex for the first time in
days. I was in no mood for anyone, least of all
“Where are you coming from woman?” he
I paused and turned to look at the man who
destroyed my life. I shook my head and turned
towards the stairs. “When I ask a question in this
house woman, you answer me” he was marching
towards me. “You are definitely a slut. You are
now spreading your legs for everyone in Abuja,
isn’t it?”
I turned and swallowed hard. “What if I am uhn?
At least, I am not in the danger of impregnating
someone, am i? You should really think of
opening a baby-making company, I think you
have the talent of spreading your sperm where it
is not needed”
His arm swung with alarming speed and
connected with my cheek. Before I got my
balance, his other hand connected with my other
cheek, sending me crashing to the ground at
once. I heard running feet approaching but the
pain coercing through my body had me curled up
on the floor. The pain was so unbearable but I
would be damned if I cry. I bit my shaking lips so
hard, I ended up tasting my own blood. I turned
to raise glaring eyes at Alex, despite my pain and
that obviously turned to a great mistake because
he literarily pounced on me.
“Don’t you dare look at me like that” he roared as
he rained punches all over me. I shrieked loudly
as I curled up in a ball, protecting my child with
my hands and legs as every blow landed. Tears
came rushing down my face and I discovered that
the screams I was hearing were mine.
“Mr. Alex.” Tina cried as she tried to push Alex
away. The pain coercing through my body was
eating at my senses and I was slowly losing
“Please leave her… Please” I faintly heard Tina cry
with shaky voice. “Please sir… she is pregnant…
aaarrrhhhh…….” Darkness engulfed me as
everything faded out of sight

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To be continued…………..

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