Endless tears Episode 46

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I felt much better after sleeping all afternoon. The
previous night and this early morning had been
too much torture because the pain burned into
my senses, making me cower in pain from even
the slightest move; but now, I felt as good as
new, even though the punch spots were still
Immediately I got down the stairs, Lisa turned
from the television and bursted into laughter
immediately she saw me. She laughed until she
almost fell off the chair. At first, anger took over
me and I felt like strangling her. But then, I
quickly realized that her aim was to get me angry
so I quickly composed myself, putting an
indifferent smile on my face.
“Oh, my God! I never knew Alex was such a good
boxer” Lisa said with shining eyes and fully
displayed teeth. “Tell me slut, how was it? Oh,
how I regret missing that show” she said
“Really? You missed it? OH, that is so painful. It
would have been nice to have you in attendance
dear. The drama was most entertaining. Tell me,
who told you about it uhn? I know the walls have
ears but I am sure they don’t have mouths”. I
wanted to know who told her. I knew it was
definitely not Tina, she won’t do that. The only
other witness would be Tola. Even though we
have become friends, I still could not trust her
“Oh, why? Of course, Alex himself gave me the full
gist of how he put you in your place with his fist”
she laughed. “So, it is only mouth you have, you
don’t have action”
I looked at her as my anger started showing up
again. Alex had told her. With each passing day, I
always found myself wondering how Alex had
been able to cover the monster in him while we
were in the village. He had never given me a
cause to even assume he would lift a finger
against a woman, but here I am, faced with the
reality of my destroyed life. “Don’t play with fire
dear, you would get burnt” I said sternly, with a
wicked smile. I called Tina and told her I was
going for a small stroll.
I walked the length of the street until I got to a
business center. I smiled at the lady there and
she smiled back. “Good evening, how may I help
I smiled. “I want to make a phone call” I said.
She frowned. “I am sorry, I only sell recharge
“Oh” I breathed. “What if I use your phone? I
would recharge it, please” I pleaded.
She nodded and recharged the phone and gave it
to me. I collected it gratefully. I had searched for
the senator’s private number in the diary I found
in Alex’s study and as I dialed, I hoped he was
still using it. When it started ringing, I sighed
“Hello” I heard the Senator’s baritone voice from
the other end.
“Hello sir, this is Amara” I answered
“Oh, how are you doing daughter?” he answered
instantly, seeming really interested in my welfare.
“I wish I could tell you that I am fine sir, but I am
not” I allowed the pain to seep into my voice
intentionally as I walked slightly away from the
shop to give myself little privacy.
“What is wrong? What did Alex do this time?” he
asked sternly.
Well, it is good to go straight to the point. “Well
sir, ever since I met your son, I have known only
pain in my life, but right now, I not only have to
deal with emotional pains but physical ones also”
“What do you mean?” his voice was deadly quiet.
“Alex has decided to use his fists to show his
frustration sir. He beat me up yesterday until I fell
“He did what?” the senator roared at the other
end and the sound pierced through my ear drums.
“I just decided to inform you sir because I did not
sign my death warrant when I married Alex. I
would not put my life and that of my son in
danger. I won’t.”
“S… Son?” he gasped out.
“Yes sir, the scan revealed that I am carrying a
baby boy” Affection seeped unconsciously through
my voice.
There was a brief silence, and then the senator
seemed to get back his composure. “Please relax.
Are you feeling better? Oh! You need to see a
doctor to check you out. As for Alex, leave him to
me. I would handle him. Can I reach you on this
line?” he ranted.
“No… No. I am calling from a business center”
“Alright. If anything happens, call me instantly. I
would get you a phone right away. Should have
done that”.
“Thanks a lot sir. Erm sir, there is one other thing
I want to ask. I need to see my parents but I
don’t know where they are now. Do you have
their address sir?”
He answered in affirmative and gave me the
address which I instantly put to memory.
I paid the lady and walked home. I sat with Lisa
in the sitting room and a contented smile was
pasted on my face. She glanced at me from time
to time, apparently irritated that I was in a good
mood despite all that has happened. She was
busy watching a fashion show which I found
irritating and I grabbed the remote and changed it
to African Magic.
“How dare you? Can’t you see that I am watching
a program?” she bellowed in anger.
“Heeeeyy, hush! You are disturbing my baby with
your cat-like voice. Will you shut up? I want to
watch a movie, if you are not ok with it, go and
get some sleep”
“You must be out of your senses” she marched
towards me. “Give me that remote” she yelled.
“You would better get yourself out of my sight if
you don’t want to find out how good of a boxer I
am. I am warning you woman, I won’t pity your
condition at all” I shot at her.
She glared then stormed up the stair. I laughed
and relaxed against the back rest of the chair.

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