Endless tears Episode 53

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am going to strangle her neck when this is over, right before I hand her over to the police” I said in anger. “So she wants a little drama?” I smiled. “Drama, she would get” I turned to walk to the bed and froze.

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“What is it Amara?” Tina asked, concerned.

“My… my tumm… ouch” I gasped as I bent over in pain. Tina ran to help me but when she got halfway, she stopped and almost started laughing. “Jesus! You almost fooled me also. You must be a good drama queen” she grinned.

“Can’t you see that I am in pain? Aaaarrrhhhh… this is not the time to laugh. Shut up and… ouch… get into character” I ordered.

She bowed slightly. “Yes ma’am” she answered with a grin. As she straightened, the smile on her face was replaced by a deep frown. Good girl, I thought. “Oh my God Amara, what is wrong with you?” she asked with pitched voice, coming to my aid.

“My tummy… arrrhh… I can’t breathe… the pain… aaaahhhh” I streamed. “My tummy is on fire… Oh God! My baby… ah” we bundled ourselves out of the door and started down the stairs with me screaming and collapsing on the floor. Tina was also doing a good job of being the help mate. “What did you put in the food Tina… ooowww… I can’t take it … Oh God…”

Tola and Lisa came running. “For God’s sake, what is all the commotion about?” Lisa squealed.

I really wished I could tear off her filthy hair from her head. “Jesus! This is too much” water gathered in my eyes as pain took over my features. “It is still months to my delivery, what is going on? Aaarhhh” I whimpered. “Please be fine baby… I whispered to my baby. “Mummy is here… You are going to be fine” I whispered again. “Hospital… Take me to the hospital now” I stood from the ground but did not stand straight, holding my stomach like a mother hen. From my bent position, I saw the smug smile on Lisa’s face as she stared at me and I almost gave up the charade to beat the hell out of her forever attempting to harm my baby. Tola quickly joined Tina and they both managed to half-carry my screaming form outside the house and into the car. The driver sped off like a mad man, genuinely concerned and I was actually sorry for the poor guy who knew nothing about the whole charade.

We arrived at the hospital I use for my antenatal within the twinkling of an eye and Tina and Tola made a big scene of taking me inside. Some nurses also came to our rescue, while I continued my pretense of wreathing in undiluted pain. The nurses uttered words of sympathy and encouragements which almost had me laughing out loud. I swallowed the laughter that was threatening to erupt and carried on the pretense until I was safely deposited in a room. Immediately the door closed, all my pretense ceased and Tina, who could not hold it any longer, busted unto an uncontrollable laughter.


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