Fausa Eleja Episode 10

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Seyi was back. As I opened the gate, I saw her cleaning up her dusty plates at the veranda. Immediately she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me so tight as if her life depended on it. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting to see her that day. The former day we chatted, she told me she will be coming in the next week, and not that present day. Fausa had already said she will be coming to my house to spend the night with me. As she hugged me, I was motionless, I couldn’t utter a word; she freed me immediately. “Ah ah, what’s the problem. Or are you surprised that I came back today,” she asked me, I tried to force myself to smile; even though I was smiling, it didn’t come out from my mind. She took my bag from me and opened it, she saw what was inside, she said I should have told her before buying all those stuff. She said she got almost all the provisions that both of us will need. I wanted to tell her it was fausa that bought it for me, but changed my mind. What would she say and how will she take it when I tell her it was fausa. I don’t think she would take it likely. I don’t want her to start insinuating another thing, perhaps I know I have made up my mind to break the relationship between us, but I want to do it gradually and slowly. We went into her room, I met the surprise of my life, she brought provisions, foodstuffs and many things for me, she said it was her dad that brought her with their car. Mehn, I go chop tire, infact this two girls (fausa and seyi) wants to spoil me with gifts. Looking at what she (seyi) brought, I felt I had let her down, I became weak, I felt pity for her because my heart was no longer with her. I still would want to be with seyi, I am trying to bring back that love I had for her when I first met her, but it seems the love was lost. I couldn’t find it. How I wish I could, she loves me so much. During the period she was showing me all the stuff she bought for me, I was cold towards her. She asked me what was wrong with me, if I was okay because I was too cold towards her. After showing me all the things, she asked me to help fix some of her wall hanger and some few damages in her room. I willingly did it for her. I later sent a text to fausa telling her that I will rather come over to her place to spend the night, she shouldn’t because seyi was back. Fausat got angry immediately. She replied with a message and said it was high time I leave seyi and move into her apartment. I saw her point because she was deeply worried that she’s still sharing me with seyi. She just wants me to be for herself only. I called her on phone thereafter and She said it was high time I bust the bubble to seyi, I should just tell her it was over and, she was tired of all the hide and seek games we were playing. I tried talking with her, to make her see reasons but she hung up on me. 3hours later, she called back and apologized for hanging up on me. I was about leaving for Gate to fausa house when seyi walked into my room. She asked where I was going, I told her I was going to check a friend in the other street, she said I should at least stay and spend some time with her, since it’s been long we saw last and there is something special she has for me. Yeah she was right, but I don’t really have feelings for her any more, even though I haven’t told her. I told her that I wasn’t going to spend too much time were I was going, so I would be back shortly. She insisted on following me

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