Fausa Eleja Episode 12.

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I was passing by her room, going outside to fetch water from the well, I heard her crying. I felt pity for her; but I just have to go, let me not waste her time. Two days later, early in the morning, seyi’s knock on the door woke me up. I opened the door and she came in. She said since I wanted a break up, well she will let me be but only in one condition. She asked if I remembered the first day she agreed to date me, how I carried her on my arms from the gate into my room. She said I should be carrying her like that from her room to the gate every morning when she’s ready to go to school, for 7days. With that, I was free to go with fausa or whatsoever her name was. I thought about her condition, if I refuse, she won’t do me anything but, I felt like accepting it. I want to do it for her, for the sake of the love we had shared in the past. I accepted, she left my room immediately. I went and took my bath, took my breakfast and left for school. I was in school when fausa called me, she asked me where I was, I told her I was at the ATM stand, close to Library in school. She said she was coming to meet me there. 5 minutes later, behold gorgeous, beautiful fausa walking towards me. All eyes were on us as she hugged me so tightly. She wore a black jean trouser with a pink beautiful short sleeve top. She has this fine face and a beautiful body. After withdrawing, both of us left for tantiz to take our launch. As we were going, all eyes were on us. The way she was walking and smiling with me, that sweet confidence she oozes; people were just looking at us. As we got to motion ground heading to tantiz, we saw seyi seated on top of the block seat students normally seat on. She was stirring at us as we walked by. I felt pity for her; fausa saw her and laughed in a mocking tone. She was so gentle and cool as she seated. The next morning was Tuesday, I already knew that seyi had a class by 8am. She had already finished preparing, she stood at the entrance of the flat, it seems she was already waiting for me. I had earlier accepted her conditions and that day was the day I would start. It was about 6:47am. As I saw her, “good morning” she greeted me, “how was your night” I asked, she didn’t even bother to answer that; “waiting for you” she said. I stretched out my right hand towards her shoulder area and the other to her kneel. I carried her. As I carried her out of the flat, heading to gate, my neighbors who were outside saw us and began to laugh, hailing us, “love nwantiti” one of the elderly man there said, only if they knew that that the love has gone sour, and that all was not well with us. I dropped her outside the gate and came inside while she left for school. I repeated the second day, third, fourth and, on the fifth day was a Saturday, I didn’t know where she was going that morning, but she was all dressed up as at 8am, I was washing my cloths outside when she came to tell me that she was ready. I greeted her, she didn’t even answer me. She turned her back and left after telling me she was ready. I rinsed my hands and followed her. I know she was pained, she has the right to be because I have disappointed her, I failed her when I left her, I allowed my friends to mock her because I was cheating on her. As I carried her, I noticed she had lost some weight, she was so lite on my hands. She must have been thinking and worrying so much that she doesn’t even know that she was losing weight The 6th day was a Sunday, I carried her to the gate. When one of my neighbor’s 6 year old daughter saw us, she started laughing and said, “uncle is carrying aunty seyi” I smiled when she said it. The final day was a Monday, it was a public holiday. I just woke up, as I was browsing on my phone, a text came in, it read

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