Fausa Eleja Episode 15

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EPISODE 15 I matched on something watery and jelly that looks like a boiled starch on the floor…i almost got slided because fausa’s room floor was made of a very beautiful tiles……….i felt the waterish substance with my hand and it is very much what my mind was saying…………

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“should i challenge her on this? No…she may got furious, and chose for a brake-up which I can’t allow to happen since i have no one again except only her,, i have already broke up with my seyi because of her…..so i swallowed and buried it…….before I left the loo that moment, I also saw a soaked pant with fluid,…,.i smell it and it was clearly confirmed as human semen but didn’t tell the gender of the semen!…..,was the man made use of fausa’s pant to clean up himself? Did he pour the semen to her pant when he was done?…..did they do it with pant on..or did they do it inside the toilet?????…. Or was this fausa’s semen?….did she masturbat before both me and mr lecturer’s arrival to the house? …..lailai even if she did so, the semen cant upto this level………i was sick instantly, shivering and sweating where i stood……….i didn’t know the next step to take……i stood there for like 15mins before something strike my mind…..’oh boy you need to bury what you see here as you have concluded earlier ni ooooooo…coz if you make attempt to bust this matter out…you may loose fausa and remember you have already fling away seyi out of your life….so think about it’ hmmmm i must to follow this…..,i dropped the pant and i went to meet fausa on the bed……….

Me: fausa you have not tell me what the man came here to do in your house

fausa: no mind him jare, i don’t even know he was coming even i don’t know how he got the address to my house

me: hmmmmmm

fausa: baby why this now? Can’t u trust me?

Me: why can’t i?

Fausa: then why the sigh? you no i can’t cheat on you

me: if you say so..,so didn’t u ask him how he got to know your address?

Fausa: i did but he said i shouldn’t bother and u know i can’t be questioning my lecturer too much

me: so how did u guys got connected?

Fausa: i went to see my friend in her department. he called me to help him giving a file to one lecturer adjacent to his office through the window and said i should report back to his office

me: did u go back

fausa: you don’t trust me how would i?

Me: then what happen next

fausa: another day when i was going to the library with my friend, i saw him coming while i dodged. not knowing we are going to the same section in the library

me: so it was there he got u up finally

fausa: you have a dirty mine

me: you haven’t even heard me up finish before you could say that

fausa: what do you have in your mind

me: do you want me to believe that you guys doesn’t have anything together, the way i met you?

Fausa: what are you insinuating? Are you calling me a slot? ……her eyes change….

Me: no i haven’t…..just get that through the way i met you guys…..please my baby…dont be angry….do you truly love me?

fausa: don’t ask me again…once you can’t trust me ,leave me alone…she talked in a very mocking tone and turn to other side

me: …i patted her shoulder, please dear. I am very sorry…i love you so much “why won’t I say that?. once I have nobody else to make replace

fausa: i love you too.., so you are spending the night here and you are moving to my house tomorrow….take it or leave it

me: i thought for a while…before i accept. ok dear no problem
she turn back to my side, we had kisses again and went for another round……we had sex throughout the day till we slept around 2:00am in the midnight.,…,.i woke up the next day…took my bath….took my breakfast and headed to my hostel to pack my thing……….and move to fausa’s house for a couple life living..,…

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

:::::::Whatchout for season 2::::::::

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