Fausa Eleja. Episode 7

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We smooched, kissed before she left. It was becoming so glaring to everyone that we were dating. The joy I had each time she comes around; anytime she sees me, she’s so happy. After fausa left, seyi came to my room, she blasted me with words that other students started coming out of their rooms to know what was going on…………………………………. She was deeply embarrassed by what I did. She even accused me of sleeping with fausa which I denied……………………., she threatened to stop fausa from coming to the house; but would that be possible! I begged for day, even bought her gifts just to appease her. It took 2 weeks for her to forgive me. But that didn’t stop me from continuing my play with fausa.
Fausa’s presence was like a virus that infects the mind. Each time am with her, I feel weak and I felt I was beginning to go crazy in love with her, only that I was still managing to stay with seyi out of pity. As days went by, the distance between i and seyi was becoming wider. My body was with her but my heart was far away from her, she noticed it. She could feel it but she couldn’t stop it. She was helpless. We quarrel sometimes about Fausa. I always deny each time she accuses me of sleeping with her. Fausa finally passed her post UTME. Funaab gave her Business administration which was her chosen course. Though I was kind of worried how she would pay her acceptance fee and other levies, her mom was just a fish seller. That was what they do to feed themselves but, would it be enough for them to raise the cash for all the payments she would make in Funaab! She had earlier told me that her mother gave birth to only her at her teenage age.
The man who impregnated her mom was in London. He left for London when she was 5. Since then, they had not set their eyes on him. He didn’t even marry her, (fausa’s mother). According to fausa, she said they (the man and them) do talk on phone and, he was even married to another woman in London. Fausa said he had been promising to come and see her and her mother since over 5 years, but he had never come. He will promise to send money for their up keep but won’t send. With all these, I wondered how she will pay her school fees and other dues, though I promised to help out in the little way I can.
Second semester ended and we went for 3 months break. I made sure I was communicating with seyi to see if that love I had for her when we first started will come back, but it never did. Rather it was dwindling down.
Each time I want to think of her, I find myself thinking about fausa, the good moments and sex we had.
Sex is indeed powerful.
Even as we were far apart physically, I still think of her.
We were communicating more often by calls and whatsapp. She gave me a very good news I was happy about. She told me that her runaway father was back in the country, and infact he had rented a 2 bedroom flat for her and her mom in Oke-ilewo and is planning to open up a business for her mom. Though he doesn’t have plans to rekindle the love relationship with her mom but he just wanted the mother of his daughter and the daughter to be fine. May be that was done with prayer they partook on his matter……Fausa also said he got her a new Iphone 5 and so many things. I was very happy for her. She told me she had a gift for me but she won’t tell me what it was till I was back in Abeokuta

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